About The Breeder
 Jeanne Celeste Eubanks 3/16/1961 in case you want to look me up
It is easy to breed puppies.  Anyone can do it.  That is the problem.  All it takes is someone with even half a brain to allow two dogs to breed, and about 63 days later, presto, you have a litter of puppies.  You can go to work, come home, and there they are.  You can also have 100 dogs in cages and again; presto, after conception, comes puppies about 63 days later.  This is unfortunately, the way things go when it comes to puppy litters.  Either you are dealing with a cold hearted puppy miller or someone that just had a litter and wants to get rid of the puppies.  In either case, the  puppies are usually from litters that have little for thought in the lines of that particular litter.  At Uey's, we know what it takes to not only have the healthiest and prettiest puppies available, but also to have the happiest and healthiest breeding dogs around.  This is the type of breeder you should be looking for.  You should also want a breeder that does not do anything except breed chihuahuas. If the breeder has another job, it is impossible to give the dogs and puppies the attention they deserve and need. Chihuahuas especially are a breed that really need a lot of human interaction. If not, they easily grow up to be yappy little dogs that are afraid of their own shadow. Chihuahuas also need constant attention. Yes, the adults too! They do not like to be left alone all day and used just to produce puppies for the breeder. At Uey's there is someone home almost ALWAYS. I make my rounds day and night to make sure everyone's needs are being met. My boyfriend of 15 years also works with me all day and night. Since both of us do not eat processed foods, we NEVER even go to a restaurant. You heard that right and will not see either of us eating out. We stay at home and we are very happy here with our two acre farm full of fruit trees, flowers, vegetables and our babies: chihuahuas.
If I need to go out shopping, I go by myself. Tim stays home and protects our dogs and puppies. When you get a retired dog from Uey's, you are getting a very spoiled dog, not a breeding inmate. 
At Uey's, we have learned through out decades of breeding, that certain things have to be done in order to properly breed puppies without abusing their very special little parents.  Dogs are rotated in and out the house to teach them house manners.  All of them cannot be in the house at once because manners are not learned that way.  It takes one on one attention to achieve mentally stable breeding dogs.  You cannot just keep them locked up in a crate or kennel.  This does not work, poor babies. What happens if the dogs are not properly trained and socialized is this: No one wants them when they can no longer breed, plain and simple. Think about that.  Check your breeder out.  Visit them and spend some time with their dogs. 
(Click to get directions to our home.) When you purchase a puppy from me your puppy comes with the following:

Wormed starting at 5 days until 8 weeks old
Parvo at 7 weeks
Parvo, Distemper 5 way shot at 8 weeks, and another 5 way at weeks 11 and 14 if I still have the puppy.
Vet inspected prior to sale
Health guarantee for genetic defects
One month health insurance if you register your puppy with the AKC
He or she was bred by an educated breeder with a health and science degree from The University of Florida
The dedicated breeder does not go on vacations ever and rarly leaves the house; where she is the happiest with her dogs and puppies

Buying a puppy is a very big decision and is not one that a person should rush into. Do not resort to buying from a pet shop, flea market, or puppy mill. Buying the wrong puppy may bring disease into your home that harms or kills your other dogs. You may also end up with a puppy that does not end up looking like you wanted him or her to look. You need to see the parents to see how the puppy will look. The parents should look happy and healthy. Looking spoiled is even better. Be picky and take your time. There are many responsible loving places to buy puppies from. You just need to research. The main thing to look out for is the welfare of the parents.  CHECK THEIR CONDITIONS OUT.
Click on the puppy page to see my available puppies. We are very easy to find and located in the heart of Florida. Stud service is available to qualified future mothers.
We are located in Summerfield Florida, about 8 miles from interstate 75 on HWY 42. It is about 12 miles south of Ocala, and very close to The Villages.
Email: ueyschihuahuas@aol.com
People often ask me if I show my dogs. My answer: Absolutely Not! The reason I do not show is because I do not have to, nor do I want to.  When I started breeding in 1992, I visited dog shows and purchased my first dogs from show breeders. All the dogs I currently have decades later, all come from strong show lines. They go way back on my pedigrees. In my opinion, my lines have been improved upon by my meticulous breeding practices. Whenever I have to find an out cross male to incorporate into my line, it really bothers me. Breeding to a male that is from outside my line scares me. I have worked so hard to have confidence that my puppies will not have problems, and until I get positive feedback from several breedings from an outside male, I am always concerned. Going to a political show is something I have no desire to do. I do not have the time to mingle with judges and handlers so that my dog can beat out someone else's dog.  Furthermore, I do not need to leave my dogs home without their mom; while I run around the country with a few special little dogs in a quest to put a champion title in front of their names. In my mind, they are all already champions.  I realize I can let a handler show them for me, but I have heard to many horror stories about some of the handlers. One lady told me her two dogs died while in a van when they were left inside. Apparently, the handler left 15 show dogs in his van with the generator running while he was sitting in a bar drinking. When he came out a few hours later, he realized that generators sometimes malfunction, and all 15 dogs died in the Florida heat.  Handlers are out for me. Going in person is out for me.  I just do not show, and never will. I have no desire at all.  I have the knowledge and brains to evaluate my dogs along with the assistance of my vet, and would rather just stay home where I belong. My dogs need me, and I think it would be selfish of me to leave them alone while I travel. I never go anywhere actually. I live on a two acre farm and keep myself very busy here 7 days a week. I also do not trust people when it comes to the care of my dogs. I do it all myself. People cannot even pick up their poop properly. Yes, I am the crazy dog lady that is happy as can be at home with her babies.


If you look me up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo books, you will see that I am also a writer. My first book is called Signed, How to Stop His Cheating for Good. It is a very controversial book that many of you might find offensive or far fetched. Most women find it hysterical and really interesting. The bottom line is not the book's contents, but the fact that I have the brains to write and publish a book like this. It is very substantial, and includes over 104 thousand words in its 265 pages. It is a 6 by 9 book. That is quite an accomplishment. If you check out the book written by Jeannie Eubanks, you will see that this breeder actually has a very sharp brain. My second book was writen for people like you that are looking for a new puppy to ad to your family. This book is inexpensive for a reason. I think everyone needs a copy. Therefore, I made it afordable. It is also not as long as my first book, but it is very informative.
Considering that your future dog's health is at stake, the thought process behind the breeding of your puppy needs to be a top priority. I not only have a really high functioning brain, but I also am one of those people that considers health to be more important than anything else in my life. That is the reason I wrote the book. It helps women when it comes to protecting their health when it comes to being cheated on. Long story short: I make my customers happy by breeding beautiful puppies with sound bodies and minds. I look forward to phone calls and emails from past customers because I am confident I am not going to hear a complaint on the other end of the phone. I love dogs, and I also love making people happy, not sad. I breed dogs because I actually love what I do, not because I have no other choice. I am very employable, but my dogs are the life I choose.

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At Uey's, all our dogs are provided with the best of everything. Even if you do not physically visit a kennel prior to buying, pretend like you are on the phone and ask how the adults are housed. If they focus on the puppies and avoid talking about the adults, this is a very bad sign. Insist that you want to know how the parents of the puppies live, and you do not want to drive all the way there just to turn back around. If they do not have positive things to say and try to meet you half way, they are very likely abusing their dogs. If a breeder does not care about their dogs, they do not care about your puppy. There is a very good possibility your puppy may develop genetic problems or be sick. Stay away from puppymills. Let the buyer beware!
Click here to read. Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy From A Petshop and to adopt a rescue dog.

You can call UF if you want to make sure this is not a forge. I graduated from The University of Florida with honors. This breeder is not under educated by any means.
Please notice that I graduated with honors.

Since I was pre med, most of my classes were advanced science and math classes.

Page 2 of my transcrpits.

Please note that I took a genetics class. I hate to point it out considering I got a B in it, and I condsider B's as BAD. I took it along with Physics and Physics lab which really kicked my butt. I got a C in Physics. It was  my only C, and I decided against med school at that point despite breezing through advanced math and science courses previously. I just did not want to deal with Physics ever again in my life. I am not showing this to brag. I am doing it because so many breeders are such scum of the earth, (It is what it is), and I wanted to prove that I can do other things with my life. I just love breeding my chihuahuas.  With my diploma, I do not have to breed dogs. I just love it, and I do it very well. Please do not get the wrong impression of me. I by no means, think that people that are not well-educated are any better than those that are. I judge people by how good of a person they are and how hard they work or have worked, not by their level of education.  Some of the hardest working people I know, and most sucessful did not finish high school, and never needed to. Education is not my point here. I just wanted to show this to you because I sometimes feel embarased to be a dog breeder considering how disgusting many of them are.  If it were up to me, all dog breeders would have to stop breeding. I would have it that way and do something else with my life just to save all the poor dogs out there being abused by puppymills.  It would be worth it to me to be shut down to save those dogs. Hopefully, one day that will actually happen.  Until  it does, I will continue to breed dogs to give people an option not to purchase a chihuahua from a puppymill. If people that loved dogs no longer bred, the public would have no choice but to purchase from the abusers if they wanted a pure bred, beautiful chihuahua or any other breed for that matter. To all you good breeders out there that actually love dogs, keep up the great work. Keep spreading the word about the horrors puppymill dogs suffer when consumers continue to support the millers.  Every dime they give the millers, helps them continue the abuse.

Before buying a puppy from someone online, it is normal to type the breeder’s name into your browser to make sure there is nothing negative about that person in the search engine. If you type my name in, Jeanne Eubanks, you will see my name appears on the mugshots.com website.  The reason for the mugshot:  I was arrested on 11/04/2006. Before I go any further in my explanation, let me first say that this is the only time I have been arrested, the charges were dropped a few days later on 11/17/2006, and I was born in 1961. I am not a criminal. In fact, I was arrested because I acted in a heroic manner that day. Here is my story:

I was outside working hard with my dogs when suddenly I heard a huge bang that came from the inside of my home. When I ran inside, I was horrified to find my boyfriend of 21 years laying on the floor with the entire top half of his foot splattered all over our bedroom wall and ceiling.  He was screaming, my foot, my foot. The first thing I did was call 911. I told them the story, and they told me to hang on until someone gets there. I said I had to go because he was going to bleed to death; I needed to stop the bleeding. The dispatcher told me not to touch him. At that point, I said, I got to go and hung up the phone in a panic. I took a belt and tied it around his calf to somewhat control the bleeding as I cried in horror. This was the most traumatic thing I ever experienced. A full 10 minutes after I hung up the phone from 911, the ambulance arrived to our home in the woods.  As they were taking my boyfriend away to be airlifted to the hospital, they told me my boyfriend could have bled to death if not for my swift actions.

When the police arrived, I told them the story. They acted like they didn’t believe me and arrested me with no bond since the alleged crime was considered domestic. They charged me with aggravated battery with a firearm that resulted in serious bodily harm. That firearm was a shot gun loaded with buck shot. I was facing 10 to 15 years. My boyfriend told them that he was cleaning the gun when the accident happened, and I was not even in the house. The officer that arrested me told me no one could have been stupid enough to do what he did, in the manner in which he did it. I was just stunned by the entire experience and almost at the point of being unable to speak. Long story short: I had to spend the night in jail and beg for a bond in the morning when I saw the judge. He gave me a $50,000.00 bond, and I got out a few hours later.

Here is a copy of the letter that exonerated me
It is outlined below

The letter I got from the States Attorney’s office a few days later, said the following:

Case number 2006-CF-004655-A-Y  Agency # MCSO S0653893


Comes now the State of Florida, by and through its undersigned Assistant State Attorney, and announces that it will file no information in the above entitled cause based on the following grounds:

Victim has always said that he shot himself in the foot.  Defendant initially told police the victim shot himself in the foot. The victim signed a wave of prosecution. Based on the facts and circumstances of the case, the likelihood of conviction at trial is remote.

If you want to call the courthouse to verify, their number is 352 671-5604. Ask for the felony division.

You can also email me, and I will send you a copy of the letter.

The reason why the mugshot is still on line is because I refuse to pay $800 to take it down. In my opinion, that is extortion.  If you look up the website, you will see they are completely criminal people, not me.  After I called them up, and raised hell, they actually changed my gender from female to male bcause they could. When you talk to me on the phone, I sound like a 17 year old girl and nothing like a man.  They did that to go the extra step, in an attempt to get $800 from me.  Since I have no problem selling my puppies after being in business since 1992 with nothing but returning satisfied customers and I am fully able to explain and back my story, I do not need to have that mugshot removed.  I will not be looking for a job anytime soon, especially at my age. I actually kind of like having that mugshot online. If anyone ever messes with me, I can tell them to look me up.  That mugshot would most likely scare someone into backing off. So, I am just leaving it online and telling my story.

If you want to call the Marion County Jail to verify I am a female, call 352-732-8181. When they booked me, they booked me as a female, and I will be in the system forever since I was fingerprinted. I am obviously not a man, and went straight to the female side of the jail.
Why tell this story? Why not? I am proud that I saved my boyfriend's life that day. I am also proud that I refuse to allow mugshots.com to rip me off or get away with making me out to be someone that I am not. Other than that, you will not find any dirt on me. My name is Jeanne Celeste Eubanks if you want to look me up. Dob 3/16/1961

Please View This Video if You Are Considering Buying From a Pet Shop or a Puppymiller With a Fancy Website that is Trying to Make You Think They Are a Nice Puppy Place! It Will Turn Your Stomach! It is a Video of a Puppymill! Beware! There are Thousands of Puppymills Out There!They're Everywhere! Check Your Breeder Out! Ask Questions! At Least Act Like You Are Going to Visit. Ask How They House Their Dogs, Not Just Their Puppies. Crates and Cages=Puppymills. If They Start Talking About How AKC or The USDA Was Just There And They Passed Inspection, RUN. That is a Sure Sign They Are a Puppymill. Puppymills Love to Throw That Line at the Public to Get Them off Track. Inspections Mean Nothing! The AKC and The USDA Are Mostly Concerned With Paperwork, Not Conditions. The USDA, For Instance, Only Requires 6 Inches of Space Pre Dog Per Side. That Is Horrific! The Public Needs to Start Looking Down on People That Support Puppymills And Pet Shops! Please Do Not Think That I Think All Breeders But Myself Are Puppymills. Some Breeders Treat Their Dogs Even Better Than I Treat Mine. I just Mention Puppymills So Much Because I Have Seen a Few in Person, And Absolutely, Without Question, HATE (Yes I Said HATE) The Humans That Run Them!

Click here to see the puppymill video.


 (Confused about how to find a good breeder and not be cheated? Click here to download my book
"That's Not a Teacup"
The Art of Puppy Mill Avoidance
An Inside Look at The Cruel and Deceptive World of Dog Breeding.)
Buying a puppy without reading this book is a bad idea
At least read the description on Amazon

 It is currently available for $6.99 paperback or $2.99 kindle version.
This book is a must read for anyone in the market for a puppy, and not just a teacup puppy.

I was contacted in the past from a person that noticed a dog from my website was being represented as the mother of some puppies for sale in Chicago. Since the guy knew this was not the alleged breeder in Chicago's dog, he played along with the alleged breeder to investigate what was going on. The person would only accept Western Union as a form of payment. The address he provided was to a University in Chicago. Once I found all this out, I went to the website where the puppies were advertised to find the alleged breeder and contact him myself. I already had feelings that site had a lot of puppymill dogs on it like many sites like that do, but had no idea that they also had fraud on that site. The alleged breeder sent me a picture of my dog Chesca and told me that was the mother of his puppies! I was outraged to see my beautiful Chesca being represented in such a way. I keep on writing him, and he also told me the only form of payment he accepted was Western Union. I contacted Western Union. They flagged his name because there was another complaint against him that was pending. The lady sent him $1,000 and never got a puppy. All he has to do is get a fake ID, and continue doing this. I contacted the owner of the website, but they did not respond back or take his ad off. To make a long story short, be very weary of who you send money to. There are many scams out there. There are also many puppymills out there abusing dogs like mad. Check out your breeder. If they take credit cards, that is a good sign. You can reverse charges if you are cheated. At least, you know they are a true business. They may still be a puppymill though so still investigate!

Write for more pictures or information. Email: ueyschihuahuas@aol.com
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