Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy From A Petshop

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1) You cannot see the parents.

2) Puppy mills use pet shops or the internet to sell their puppies because their own facilities are horrifying

3) Puppy mills offer nothing but misery for their dogs who get no personal attention and often nothing more than steel cages, food, and dirty water.

4) Puppy mills do not house break their dogs. This makes them useless after they are no longer able to reproduce. (They cannot have them just taking up valuable space).

5) Ever wonder where these dogs end up???????????

6) Puppy millers do not need to purchase high quality stock because their customers never see their facilities or their dogs.

7) All puppies are cute. Therefore, you need to look at their parents so you will not be fooled.

8) Pet shops buy from all over. This makes the probability of disease very high.

9) There are plenty of loving homes that offer quality puppies at better prices.

10) Finally, we all need to stick together to try to put an end to the unseen abuse once and for all.




Type in the word puppy mill or puppymill in your browser if you really want to
get the big picture. It will turn your stomach unless you are heartless like
the people that own these dogs.

Yes, all you puppymillers out there, and there are a lot of you, I hate you
and am out to get even with you for what you do to all my friends!!!! Let it be
known: The public is getting the picture for once and for all!!! You bastards!
Excuse my french, but I tell it like it is.

And people wonder why I make such a big stink about where my puppies end up
like it is none of my business or something. It is ALL of my business the
main focus of my life unfortunately. Even one of them ending up like this
would land me in jail for sure, because if I found out, there would be trouble!

Just think: The USDA, all American local law and code enforcement, The AKC,
and those who continue to buy from pet shops, all APPROVE of this treatment.
All the authorities care about is that they have shelter, food and water which
they do. All the pet store shoppers care about is convience and taking home a cute
puppy, which they do. APPROVED!

These pictures were all taken with a cell phone camera at a puppymill.
When I work in my kennels each day and see my babies all excited and
so happy to see me, it makes me feel even more sorry for all the prisioners
of greed out there. I wish I could close down the concentration camps, but
for now, all I can do is cry, pray, and keep loving the ones I have that will
Never suffer like the others who live in this hell every day of their miserable lives.


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