I only breed chihuahuas. I used to breed dachshunds,
presa canarios, and french bulldogs in the past, but it has been years. 
That is why you will see those breeds on this page as well.
If you purchased a puppy from me in the past and had a pleasant experience, I would love to hear from you.
If you do not mind being on my reference page, please let me know.
If you look me up on Google, you can see many more reviews. If you are considering purching a puppy from me or anyone else, I sugest you do your research.
For more references, please Google Uey's Chihuahuas and check out my reviews
Most people in today's world leave a review instead of a reference.
Most of these references are from many years ago; I have been breeding since 1992.

I have been a friend of Jeanne Eubanks since the monent we met when I went to her home to see her puppies and adults. I purchased a gorgeous Chihuahua I named Pookie from her. She is an excellent businesswoman, breeder and friend who is honest & trustworthy. I would recommend doing business with her anytime. She truly loves and cares for her “fur babies.” Way to go Jeannie. You are priceless!!!!! Respectfully, Bernice Lupo

Feel free to write Ed if you want to. Email: bjbandit@comcast.net


Wow Jeanne, None of the photos or videos accurately captured how handsome and ADORABLE he is!!! I am so in love with him I can't believe how PERFECT he is! For such a small guy, he is the most energetic, playful little guy. He even pooped and peed on a pee pad on my lap in the car haha!! Your reputation really does speak for itself. I will absolutely be sending you updates as he gets older and at 1yr. He immediately started jumping and licking my face in the car when I first got him and I started crying...lol. I am beyond happy with this little guy, can't even put into words Jeanne. Thank you so much for giving me the perfect little companion. Feel free to use me as a reference, etc. Will probably be reaching out to you the next few weeks with questions here and there. Keep in touch! Haley

Feel free to write Haley if you want to. Email: htector@yahoo.com


Jeannie, your Chihuahua's are Incredible! As a update I wanted you to know that my Chi puppy has adapted perfectly and loves his new home. My little Chi is healthy, good natured, clever, friendly and the cutest puppy I've ever owned. I appreciate you, walking me through all my questions and setting me up with training procedures. Only ten days have passed and he is already completely potty trained and understands several voice commands. The thought has crossed my mind for a second chi, and if this happens, it will be with you. Thank you Ed Richter

Feel free to write Ed if you want to. Email: edrichter7@gmail.com


I purchased a Chihuahua from Jeannie back in October 2004, and it may have been the best choice I have ever made. I received my puppy in perfect condition as he was sent from Florida to Toronto, and what a little guy he is. The dog himself is a male and is wonderful. He is not yappy, vicious or cruel but rather the opposite. I have never seen such a well behaved lovable Chihuahua before. He loves to be with both myself and my boyfriend, he is well socialized, calm temperament, happy and the best kisser in the world. Jeannie is a wonderful breeder; she knows exactly how to raise a puppy so that the transition from her to you is easy. She has paper trained her dogs before sending them out. As well Jeannie is very approachable, she will answer any questions you want and provided you with any information that is required. She is always punctual with returning emails and phone calls. She truly knows how to run a breeding business. She loves what she does and that makes her as a breeder that much better. The time and devotion she puts towards all of her babies is very comforting. I would not turn to any other breeder after finding Jeannie; she loves her dogs and raises them properly. I promise if you were to buy a puppy from her you would be very satisfied and over filled with joy upon receiving your puppy. Receiving a puppy from her has changed my life; my baby has now become my life. I still keep in contact with Jeannie and update her and send her pictures of my guy all the time. She is a wonderful lady and her heart is really with theses puppies. So if you are ready to devote your love and affection to a new little one, Jeannie is your best bet I would be happy to answer any other questions anyone may have about Jeannie. Sincerely,
Toronto Canada

Feel free to write Lesley if you want to. Email: RUBINOFF@DAL.CA


We had been looking for a presa canario for awhile, and really wanted a rescue dog. Our first presa was a rescue, and we have had nothing but a wonderful experience with her. However, presas are not a common breed, and they do not turn up in rescue often. We finally decided to get a puppy, and after doing a lot of research, I decided that Jeannie was the best breeder for us. I did not want to support backyard breeding or a puppy mill, and after doing some investigation and talking with Jeannie, I knew that I was dealing with an experienced and reputable breeder. Her dogs are bred for a good disposition, as well as for health and breed specific quality. Her adult dogs are well-taken care of and her puppies are very well socialized with both people and other dogs. Our puppy, Rico, arrived via Continental Airlines, and was happy, healthy and no worse for the wear, in spite of flying from Florida to Chicago. He has been great around our dog and our children, as well as everyone who comes into our home. It is obvious that a lot of care and attention went into breeding and raising him. He wasn't just ignored and left in a kennel until he was sold. I know that Jeannie must have spent a lot of time with him for him to be so friendly and outgoing. Purching our puppy from Jeannie was the best decision we could have made, and we are very happy with him. When the time comes to get our next presa, we will be calling Jeannie again. Sincerely, Rebecca Zahn
Racine Wi. (262) 681-3053

Feel free to write Rebecca if you want to. Email: rebeccazahn@aol.com


To any perspective buyer, I puchased 2 chihuahua's from Jeannie. I receive Bruiser in July 2003 and Rocky in October 2003. Bruiser is a full sized chihuahua and Rocky is a T cup. They are the sweetest and most spoiled puppies on earth!!! Jeannie's dogs have amazing pedigree, are healthy, good natured, well cared for & too cute for words! You will fall instantly in love with them! Jeannie was extremely patient with me while I was in the process of buying my puppies. She walked me through everything, answered all of my questions, and reassured me that I was getting a great dog. In fact, my first dog was so great, I went ahead and bought another! So, from a buyer of 2 of Jeannie's dogs, I can attest to all the care & hard work that she puts into breeding these dogs. This is truly her calling! My puppies are happy & healthy and I get compliments, constantly, at how cute and good natured they are. My name is Ruth Baldwin. My phone # is (212) 865-7707 and my e-mail address is: ruthbaldwin212@yahoo.com Please feel free to contact me anytime! Sincerely,
Ruth Baldwin
New York City

Feel free to write Ruth if you want to. Email: ruthbaldwin212@yahoo.com

Dear Jeanne, I stumbled across your page a couple of years ago admiring your chihuahuas and have loved checking in to see the new babies ever since. They are just so perfect!!! My itty-bitty chihuahua bug has been stronger than ever lately, and I've thought maybe this was the right time in my life. I've scoured the internet looking for breeders that compare to you, and they just aren't out there! I have found a couple of breeders that were priced more than what I can afford and at face value, looked like they were honest and caring. However, I found out quickly they were not what they seemed!!!! And I have you to thank for not falling into their traps. I asked the first breeder I contacted for additional pictures and information about one of the puppies. The pictures she sent me were terrible! And I don't mean the quality of the photos... The puppy looked sick and like it was in a basement bathroom. I immediately ended our conversation. I noticed right away that the second breeder had conflicting information regarding the age of the puppy on her social media page compared with it's posted date of birth on her breeder website. I contacted her and asked about the discrepancy, and she said it was an error. I asked for more pics of the puppy, it's siblings, and parents. She sent me a pic of a puppy that was already posted. I noticed there was a caption on one of the "sibling" photos and was able to save the photo to see the name of the file she had. The supposed "sibling's" birthday was listed as a week after the puppy's birthday. The picture of the puppy I asked about had a larger weight saved at the top than what she had advertised. And she only sent a pic of the father and not the mother. Perhaps I am being overly paranoid and there is a reasonable explanation, but the whole thing raises too many red flags. So thank you for your website with all of the information on how to spot puppy mills and showing an example of what a quality breeder IS! I'll definitely continue to keep an eye on your premium puppies online. All of the best to you and your babies, Angel Jurich

Feel free to write Angel if you want to. Email: ajurich@gmail.com
This was my response below:
 Wow! See what I mean? I have had at least a dozen people contact me to tell me that people use my parents pictures when people ask for pictures of the parents. One person was even my puppy pics! These people are the bottom of the barrel, and to think they make life and death decisions about dogs and puppies all the time is horrifying. Thank you for taking the time to write me. Do you mind if I put your email and this response on my reference page? I don't think many people if anyone, will email you because there really isn't much to ask you. I just want people to see this; it will help others avoid scammers and puppymillers. I will also ask others to share their stories. I think it is a great way to inform the public.
Good luck Angel in your search for the perfect puppy. I always try to encourage people not to be in a rush. Most of all: Thank you for caring about dogs.

Almost three years ago, we decided to get a dachshund. We had had some experience with the breed years ago and but we wanted a "special" mini. It had to be a red, mini, smooth female. We looked locally (Ohio) and did not have any real luck. After a while, I used the Internet and found Jeannie Eubanks and her pups. Buying a dog from Jeannie was a pleasure. She really is concerned about where her babies are going. She is always available by phone and Internet to answer any questions. When we had a slight problem with our puppy's flight from Fla, Jeannie was more worried than we were. She really cares about the little bundles of fur. Of course our mini, Gretchen, is probably the cutest pup she ever sold. We love her to death and spend many of our hours spoiling her. If anything, God forbid, ever happened to Gretchen, we would immediately contact Jeannie for another lovely pup. Feel free to contact us at 740-537-3982 or at patwells@clover.net.
Thanks , Jeannie, for being such a caring person.
Pat and Debbie Wells (and Gretchen)

Feel free to write Mary if you want to. Email: patwells@clover.net


Please feel free to contact me about the breeders care and love of her dogs that show in the quality and dispostion of her puppies. I purchased 2 a year ago x-mas eve and they are the best dogs I have ever owned. to this day I still am in contact with her because she cares about the puppies after they have found thier new home and I want her to know how they are doing as they grow. please e-mail me at klv79@sbcglobel.net or call me @ 203 266-5388 (eve) thanks kris mitzie and oscars new mom Connecticut..

Feel free to write Kris if you want to. Email: klv79@sbcglobel.net
 (Confused about how to find a good breeder and not be cheated?
Click here to download my book
"That's Not a Teacup"
The Art of Puppy Mill Avoidance
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I have had numerous dogs in my life and primarily Dachshunds since 1972. I can honestly tell you that Dewars is the most wonderful of them all. My vet and Dew's Doggy Camp owner both agree that in his formative stage the manner in which he was handled had a great deal to do with how he is today, and the thanks absolutely go to you. My little guy is happy, happy, happy. Dew wakes up every morning happy as can be, loves on everyone in the household, four legs and two legs and then his happy day begins. He has never met a stranger and loves everyone. Dew now weighs all of five pounds, however when he comes into the room he fills the room with his presence, I don't know if you can imagine that five pounds fills a room but he does. The very weirdest thing that he does is actually smile. My vet told me that if a puppy is smiled at a lot when they are teeny that they have a tendency to try to smile just like the breeder smiled at them. So his behavior tells me another thing about you that you smile a lot at the babies. You must be the gentlest of all people to have had such a positive impact on a precious life. I will never purchase a puppy from any other breeder. The time and care you put into the babies is evident in the long run. My only regret is that I don't have more babies just like him. Jeanne thanks for all you do for the dogs you breed and raise in their infancy. Yours is a difficult task, but when they turn out like Dewars you have to feel so rewarded. Dew sends you many kisses and hugs & oh yes he sends you one of his famous smiles. Jeanne & Dewars Chandler McGinty - Dew

Feel free to write Jeanne if you want to. Email: jeanne.mcginty.btup@statefarm.com

This lady bought a t cup chihuahua from me when she was just a few days old. If you wish to ask her about her experience while the puppy was growning up as far as updates are concerned, or any other questions you might have Sandy would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Feel free to write Sandra Kane if you want to. Email: Kanela2@aol.com

Just wanted to check in with you to let you know that Bruno is doing just great. He truly is a part of our family and "spoiled rotten"! He now weighs about 61/2 lbs. He is getting more red everyday. He is beautiful and has a wonderful personality. He would just love to be held all day. He has gone several days without an accident as long as we really keep on top of his potty habits. I enclosed a picture just so that you can see how beautiful and sweet he is. I will keep you updated..................Thank you so much for such a special, little dog! Sydney Holman

Feel free to write Sydney if you want to. Email: Jr ratchet@aol.com

I am just so happy and grateful for the wonderful Frenchie that I have and I have you to thank for him! I love this little dog more than anyONE in my life, he is so precious to me. He is my constant shadow and jester. Rachael Espinosa
Raleigh North Caroliana

Feel free to write Rachael if you want to. Email: mariposagrl@hotmail.com

Jeannie, Just wanted to write you and let you know that as we approach our second week together, Isabella is doing wonderful. She bonded with us right away and she has had only one or two accidents. Otherwise, she always goes on the paper or puppy pads and also goes outside with her new big brothers. She is also growing like a weed. She has gotten longer and a little taller since April 9, 2005 when I picked her up from you at your home/kennel. It was a pleasure meeting you and your family. I want to thank you for your patience in answering all my questions. I know that if I have any other questions, you will gladly be there. My husband even commented that he couldn't believe how little trouble she is and how easily she has transitioned to us and our home. I would gladly recommend you to anyone wanting a beautiful puppy. I too would purchase another puppy from you again.Please feel free to post this on your site. I can be contacted at LAHW67@aol.com. Thanks again, Lisa

Feel free to write Lisa if you want to. Email: LAHW67@aol.com

Jeannie; I picked up Honey's tan chihuahua pup this past Sunday at the Orlando airport. I want you to know how pleased we are, and that I am happy to recommend you to anyone who inquires. We named him Leonard, and he is apparently very healthy and happy. I was impressed with your guarantee and with the trouble you go to in order to make sure your puppies are kept healthy and not abused. I kept you web site on my computer on my list of favorites for over a year, occasionally looking at what puppies you had available. It was worth the drive to Orlando to do business with you. Thanks, Rosann

Feel free to write Rosanne if you want to. Email: rspie001@fiu.edu

Hi Jeanne, Bob and I enjoyed our visit with you last Friday and Bogie enjoyed it as well. It really thrilled us to see him run across the lawn to you. When we first got out of the car, he sniffed around and it was obvious to us that he knew that he had been there before. You must go to Rainbow Springs. It was lovely. They have picnic tables there and a dog is allowed on a leash. It only took us a short ride from your home to get there. I will continue to keep you posted about our little boy's progress. We all just love him to bits. I think we got the very finest Frenchie there is to be had. His loving ways are a reflection of you and the wonderful environment you provided for him. Our entire neighborhood loves him. Right now, he is running around with a Greenie in his mouth. I ordered them from the same place you get them and found them to be much less expensive. Take care of yourself. Adelaide

Feel free to write Adelaide if you want to. Email: apa1100@yahoo.com

Hi Jeanne, Diane got her two boys from me in 2007. I shipped Benny to her first. Shortly after that, she decided Benny needed a friend, and Kenny, his twin, was still
available. I shipped Kenny to her, and the rest is history. They will be lovers for life. Diane loves her two boys, and she is just as sweet as they are.
Since Kenny and Benny are Socialite and Hi Tech's sons, I am confident Diane will have years of joy and good health from her babies.

Feel free to call Diane if you like: 518-283-5957

Hi Jeannie, I just wanted to say "hi" and give you a little update on Pico. I see that you have so many new puppies. You must be really really busy. I still enjoy viewing your web site and visit it often. We'll be taking Pico to the vet tomorrow for some more puppy shots and we are going to look into making the appt to have him neutered. I hope we can do it soon since he's about 4 months old. The vet told us originally that we might need to wait until he's 5 to 6 months old. I am sending you a picture so that you can see what a beautiful dog he is. We get so many compliments on our beautiful "blue" chihuahua. I also wanted to let you know that so far he has been a wonderful puppy: smart, funny, lovable, etc. We are 100% happy with you as a breeder and with your product. Also, I have noticed that the NuVet vitamins that you recomend are great! I started running out so I called the company to re-order. Again, many many thanks for everything. Pico is doing great and getting cuter and more spoiled each day. Thanks, Liz

Feel free to write Liz if you want to. Email: LizzyFalcon@aol.com

Dear Jeannie: I thought you might enjoy seeing how well Rico is doing. He is such a wonderful boy. He fits in perfectly with our family and does everything with us and our other Presa. He has already taken on the role as guard dog, and can immediately tell who is supposed to be here and who is a stranger. That always amazes me with this breed. They have such great intuition; they're almost like a different species than other dogs. He is growing like a weed and already weighs over 97 lbs at 8 months old! He has also made a big hit with every child he meets, and knows that he needs to be gentle with them. My 70 year old mother-in-law is not a big dog fan, but she really likes Rico, and he obeys her just as well as he obeys me. However, he is full of energy and loves to chase our tractor or fetch anything that we throw! My husband thinks we should get him a job so he'll stop trying to "help" in the yard. I use the term loosely, because he's not supposed to pick up huge landscaping bricks and large rocks from the plant beds and carry them around in his mouth! Thanks again for doing such a great job breeding and raising your dogs. If you ever need a reference as to the quality of your breeding, please feel free to give people my e-mail address. I have never been so happy with a puppy before, and will certainly contact you when we're ready for another one. Rebecca

Feel free to write Rebecca if you want to. Email: rebeccazahn@aol.com

Dear Jeanne, Thank you so much for everything. You are a great breeder! My new puppy Bianca is an absolute gem! She is so well behaved, easy to potty train, has the cutest little face, and sweetest personality. She’s a beautiful Chihuahua and very friendly around people. I am so glad to have her. If anyone has any questions they can email me at A80audrey@aol.com. Thanks again for my best friend. Sincerely, Jackie Atlanta, GA Jacquelyn info@concentratedmedia.com.

Feel free to write Jackie if you want to. Email: info@concentratedmedia.com.

Just a quick note. Took a look at the pooch pages and we are still giving a little thought to a second dog but it's got to be just the right match for Mr. Max. Pookie is adorable. I took Max to the vet this AM for his rabies shots, etc. and got an incredible compliment on him. He weight just a little over 11 pounds and the vet said it's a fine weight for him. He's all muscle with the perfect body for his breed. He said the weight is a direct result of all his exercise and not too much food weight gain. He said he's one of the best doxie he's seen in years. I take that as a compliment. Especially as today is his B'day. 2 years old and still MR. Wonderful. Just thought you would like to know just how perfect he is. Right from the Vet's mouth. Pat

Feel free to write Pat if you want to. Email: ptorre@centuryfla.com

Jeanne, Sorry it has taken so long for me to get this letter to you. It was great to speak with you again on the phone to thank you for our wonderful new family member. Meeting you and seeing your facility was also a great experience that we have told many others about. Our puppy, Prince Louie II, has been such a great addition to our family. It is obvious you really do breed for temperament. He has a terrific personality and has trained so easily. Today he is recovering from his surgery. I am attaching our proof of neuter document so you can send us our check back. I t is comforting to see the strides you take to ensure your puppies are not abused, are well placed and cared for. I am also attaching some photos of Louie in his new home with his family. We all enjoy him so much and would make the trip to your place again in a minute for another puppy. Please feel free to use us as a reference should you need to. We are happy to tell others about you and your pups. I even get on your website to check out your latest litters just for fun. Your new cream female from Louie is a beauty. Thanks again for all you did for us and continue to do. Sincerely, Tina Jablon

Feel free to write Tina if you want to. Email: tjablon@tampabay.rr.com

Jeanne, I want to that you for bringing this little man into our lives. PEANUT is a perfect fit! Not only is he handsome but he is so charming and funny. Its such a comfort to see his little face look up at me when i get home. He is truly my companion. And boy is he SPOILED! He is a handful since he is still only 9 months old, but he is sooo intelligent. He understands every word i say and training hasnt been bad at all. No accidents in the house for months now. My only problem is to get him to stop jumping so much, i get concerned for his back. We even cut the legs off the bed so he can sleep with us. Every night he hops up on the bed and digs himself a little cubby under the blanket behind my knees. Compared to other puppies I've seen, there is obviously something done differently in your technique of raising. He has been a breeze to handle. Except for the 2 pairs of $100 sunglasses that he chewed in the same day, i have no complaints. I have been consistent with the Nuvet Lab Vitamins and i truly believe that they have maintained his health, digestive system, his coat and his development.I even bought some for my 15 year old cat and he is still ticking. You should see all the attention Peanut gets! "Oh my god, I've never seen weiner dog that color!" "Wow what a beautiful dog!" Feel free to use this on your reference page. I have no doubt that I will be back to you when I am ready to get him a little cream girlfriend. Could you send me nice pictures of Louie and Gina, I want to frame them since those are his parents. thanks again and maybe we can visit next time i head to gainesville. Arleyne

Feel free to write Arleyne if you want to. Email: arleyne.arguello@gmail.com

Jeanne, We just wanted to send you a recent picture of our little boy, Tater. We cannot even begin to thank you for making the process of getting him such a pleasant one. You went above and beyond any expectations we had in getting this little guy. You never made us feeling dumb when we sent the numerous emails full of questions prior to picking him up and always gave detailed answers or pointed us in the right direction to find what we were asking. Tater is a little lover boy and we don't know what we'd do without him. Everyone that's met him has made comments on how social and loving he is and that they can tell the breeder must take special time and care to breed the right dogs to get the best puppies. Thank you for all you've done for us! If you have anyone that would like to contact us about our experience with you, please feel free to give them our email address. Thanks again, Christy & James & Tater Monticello, FL

Feel free to write Cristy and James if you want to. Email: clbaxter71@earthlink.net

Please feel free to contact Terra about her little dog Cherry, out of Snickers and Zora (now Retired) tlc.xo@hotmail.com. Tarra was very pleased with her little baby and her neighbor reciently got two Snickers babies from me as well. They live in Canada. and Cherry loves the snow.

Feel free to write Terra if you want to. Email: tlc.xo@hotmail.com


Hi Jeanne, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Socialite. She has been with us exactly a week now. We got off to a tad bit of a rocky start but, everything is going splendid now! She is a total sweetheart. We all love her and Daisy likes her too. She is so devoted, it's amazing. It's very good that I am home with her most all the time. I have really been working with her on house training. She is a super smart dog and a fast learner. She has had a few accidents but that was in the beginning. For the most part she is well on her way. When I leave I put her in the bathroom with a pee-pee pad,food & water bowl and a comfy cushion for her to lie on. She is 100% pad trained in the bathroom. That is the only time she uses it as I'm trying to train her to go outside like Daisy. It won't be long I don't think. Hopefully soon I won't have to put her up at all. Attached is a picture for you. She dazzles in red. She has a beautiful bling collar on. I just got her tag in the mail yesterday so, she's all set. She is really good too when I want to scrub her up. I put her in the bathtub got her all shined up. I took her outside to brush her and put baby powder all over her coat. She just lets me do what ever for as long as I want. It's really funny. She stays right with me too. You will be amazed that I don't have to put her on a leash at all around the house. She sticks right with me even better than Daisy. Oh, the boys wanted to change her name to Chloe after the Chihuahua on "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." I hope you don't mind. She comes when called anyway. She has been to the park. And yesterday we took her to the beach in Mayport. She did so well. Other dogs would bark and she would just ignore them. She is so good and so well behaved. There is a Mardi Gra party downtown Saturday where we live. I'm going to take her. I know she will love it. I have a doggy purse coming in the mail too. This way I can take her shopping with me. I just like taking her everywhere because she is so good and a delight to have around. Thank you so much for molding her into such a lovely pet. And thank you for trusting in us especially with 3 boys. I am confident in saying that she is very happy.

Feel free to write April if you want to. Email: KYAprilRN@aol.com


I purchased 2 puppies from you the latest Goldie last year about this time. I always look at your site.. JUst wanted to let you know I so LOVVE my two from you. They are the best EVER. I want to get another . I have an older dog who is 10 so I need to wait a while but just wanted to let you know the two chihuahuas from you are my absolute favorites. They cuddle, play, and are very aggressive (esp the little GIRL- goldie) to outsiders. I couldn't have asked for better loves.!!!!! Thank you. I will be contacting you for my next one. AGain, many thanks! Mary Pena-Roque VERO BEACH

Feel free to write Mary if you want to. Email: vbeach376@yahoo.com


Jeanne, I want to leave a reference on your page about the little darlings I got from you, about this time last year my sweet little Buddy a long coat chihuahua died...I was devastated, so I went to the Internet just to look at pictures of Chihuahua's and came across Jeanne's site it was so informative and interesting I read the whole site and couldn't get over what beautiful dogs she had, as I read I noticed she only breeds her dogs so many litters then finds good homes for them. I immediately sent her a email asking about them, and she so kindly answered me with, when it comes to my older dogs, I have to talk to your vet first, I was very impressed that she did. it showed she didn't just sell her dogs to anyone, you have to qualify. She told me she had one named Sadie Belle....I drove up and checked her out...what a cutie. I brought her home I knew she was terrified so I let her move at her own pace...she turned out to be a sweet loving little dog, that went over so well I decided to get more I went back and got Punk and her daughter Punkie while there the first time I saw one named Snowyriver when asking Jeanne about him she said he came from a puppy mill and had been locked in a rabbit cage for 5 years, I knew I had to have him so Jeanne let me take him also. Anyone that is worried about taking a older dog, don't be these babies have turned out to be loving well adjusted little dogs it just takes more patience when you take a older dog for they are use to one type of life they have all been here with me for almost a year now and all doing great.my vet was so impressed with them and how healthy they all are. I have been to Jeanne's kennel several times now and to compare her kennel to any others I have seen would be an injustice, I was also very impressed she knew every dogs name their parents and how old each one was, she could be a role model for breeders. I never saw one dirty or empty food or water bowl the area she keeps them in was spotless and all dogs were very healthy and the prettiest dogs I have ever seen. I've had so many compliments on the ones I have and I can never repay her for all the love she brought into my life. I didn't even have to train them to go out or use the pad. Jeanne you have a gift for breeding the best dogs on the planet I still go to your site to see who is new for I love looking at all your new babies. If anyone would like to contact me about taking a older dog feel free you can email me.

Feel free to write Rebecca if you want to. Email: s_belle_48@yahoo.com

The email address is s_belle_48@yahoo.com

Hi! I just wanted to update you on how Sasha is doing. I decided to name her after her mom, Sasha =) She is such a cutie and such a good puppy! I can really tell how much time, effort, and love you put into your puppies. Not only is Sasha absolutely gorgeous, her hair is unbelievable and she has such a great disposition. I cook her chicken & rice every other day, she is spoiled rotten! I also give her cheese cubes everyday, she LOVES cheese. I am attaching a picture of me and her. It would be my pleasure, If you would like to use me as a reference in any of your future sales. Thanks once again for the amazing puppy, I would not have wanted it any other way, you are truly an amazing breeder. Regards, Katie Goldhirsch

Feel free to write Katie if you want to. Email: goldhirschk@mville.edu

Hello I'm sending you some pictures of the puppy that I bought from you recently. He is Socialite and Bouncer's little short haired puppy. We've named him Gypsy and and he is super attached to me. He's doing great and is a really sweet affectionate dog. He loves playing and taking naps with my mom. He has the greatest disposition ever and rarely ever has accidents. We also took him to the vet on the 19th and he is almost two pounds. P.S Everyone that has seen him has told us how beautiful he is. I defnitely think you breed you breed the most beautiful puppies possible. I don't mind being used as a refrence on your site

Feel free to write Helen if you want to. Email: alecstraza475@yahoo.com

I picked up the newest member of my family May 29 2009. For the previous two years I had visited a few different breeders to check out their facilities, none have impressed me as much as Jeanne's. She is a person who cares for her animals very much, and wants to produce healthy puppies. We have had nothing but compliments from everyone who meets her and this includes her vet who says Trixie is a wonderful example of her breed. Her temperament is so friendly and of course a bit mischevious. She is wonderful, healthy and adorable and my new best friend. We will definitely be using Jeanne again in another two years when we purchase Trixie a new friend. Please feel free to contact me for any other questions.

Feel free to write Lisa if you want to. Email: blumeanee@aol.com

Just wanted to share some pictures of our beautiful little man! Psych & Sophia’s pup from May 21st 2012 He is the best dog we have ever had – so smart, well behaved and very loving. Thank you so much for all you do for these wonderful dogs, Della & John Wohlfarth

Feel free to write Della if you want to. Email: fishnfun1@cox.net


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