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Below is a list of the foods your puppy will be accustomed to. I keep the dry food down at all times. Twice a day, I give puppies under 3 pounds quality canned food,  cottage cheese (I never choose low fat either).
The puppies do prefer the cottege cheese over anything else. Once they are 12 weeks old or so, I wean them off the soft food.
I also put Esbilac Powered Milk Supplement on the small plate full of soft food. I do not mix it in; so they can lick it up in place of water. This ensures they get water and nutrients in their delicate bodies.
I believe through trial and error, that this is the MOST IMPORTANT step in the weaning and going to a new home process!!!!!
Please make sure you go to Chewy or Amazon and buy a container of dried, not cans of wet. The dry is best because there is no waste. Just mix it with warm water as you go and feed it two or three times a day.
Dry food for puppies: I use Bil Jac Puppy Select Chicken. I choose this brand because it is made with quality ingredients and it crumbles when in their mouths to prevent choking.  I will provide a one pound package of dry food with each puppy. This way, you can blend it in with the brand you choose.
Start at 80% my food and 20% your food, and work your way down to 0% my brand day by day.
 My adults all eat Nitro because it is non GMO.  I buy quality food for myself and believe my dogs deserve the same.  
In addition to the dry food, I also feed as follows:
Wellness or Inovia canned food or any high quality canned food.
It depends on what is on sale when I stock up, but I only get the best.

One of the main health problems that all small dogs experience in old age is heart and kidny disease because they had unaddressed dental issues. In addition to regular professional cleanings, I start mine off young with the experience of their teeth being picked by me. When they get a bath, they also get their teeth picked. I use a pick I purchased from Walmart. Some of mind fight a little, but some just let me pick all I want to, and I pick a lot of tarter off them. This reduces the amount of times they need to go under anesthesia which is always a risk. The puppy above is Chica Bella. Her mom uses a child size tooth brush dipped in cocconut oil each day to clean her teeth. Mommy dips it in the oil and Chica Bella goes to town and cleans her own teeth! This is so smart and just plain darling!!

As far as toys and accessories go, your puppy will need plenty of chew toys. Avoid stuffed animals that have eyes and noses. The puppy will rip them out and possibly eat them. Also avoid rawhide products. I never like to listen to warnings, but when it happens to my dogs, I learn real quick. Rawhide will and does get stuck in the intestines of dogs and puppies. I learned the hard way when I had to rush one of my dogs to the emergency hospital, and they found a piece of rawhide in her intestines. My dog almost died and I had to pay almost $900 in vet bills (20 years ago). I keep NylaBones with them at all times. They love Nylabones, and Nylabones are very durable. Stuffed animals are great for the smaller puppies too. They not only play with them, they also use them as pillows.
As far as crates are concerned, I basically hate crates. I have dozens of crates here because I need them in the winter during the night, but I would never house train a puppy strictly by using a crate. That is extremely abusive. I know I would not want to be locked in a crate all day and all night long. I would not want to be locked in a bathroom all day and night either. I know all too well that you cannot just let a puppy run the house. I advise new pet owners to confine their puppy with either a baby gate in the bathroom or utility room so they can see out or a playpen like the one in my video featured below. I prefer the playpens.  I keep them away from the walls and furniture though. The puppies will stick their little noses through the openings and chew holes in your walls. Avoid playpens that are not made of metal. They will chew through rope types and escape. Yes, they are little brats when they are confined like that and get bored. I can't blame them. If you leave your puppy or adult dog home alone while you are at work etc., I advise you subscribe to the dog TV channel.  It is not expensive and your dog will not be so bored while being left alone. If you are not able to be home enough with your new puppy, feel free to ask me to hold him or her for a month or so longer. I do not mind at all. My life revolves around dogs and puppies, and I actually love their company.

Midori loves carrots and grape tomatoes. Her mom sent me this adorable pic after we were talking about healthy snacks for our babies. I start them off her eating snacks like green beans, sweet potatoes, and acorn squash because they will eat this all their life if this is the option you give them. Just like humans, dogs need to eat healthy foods in order to life life to the fullest capacity. Considering chihuahuas only live on average 15 or 16 years, it is very important not to take a few of those years away from them because of a poor diet.

Watch this video to see how I potty train my puppies and view the set up I use as housing while they are puppies. The puppies in this video are no longer available.
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(Click here to see a video of two male puppies using the potty devise like really good little boys.)
(Click here to see a video of 17, yes 17 super tiny chihuahua puppies attacking cottage cheese.)
 (Did the last teacup puppy you purchased end up in the hospital because of hypoglycemia?
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         I find that keeping dry food down all the time is best for growing puppies. I put canned food (any brand as long as it has quality ingredients) down in the morning and in the evening, but do not mix it with the dry. If you get a puppy from me, no matter how tiny that puppy is, he or she will want to eat as long as food is available, and it needs to be available at all times.  How do I know your puppy will have an appetite? I know because of experience. I make sure your puppy is strong, and what I know is vital if you are looking for a good breeder.  Low blood sugar, (hypoglycemia) is the main reason why teacup puppies die shortly after they find homes.

     People that only want your money, and could care less about the puppy they sell you do not provide the necessary information you need to keep your puppy healthy. They do not care what happens to your puppy or your bank account a week after the sale. I do not withhold valuable information. I warn the customer just how important it is to keep a puppies gut balanced. I have found an unbalanced gut from the stress of a change in environment is what causes hypoglycemia. This is why I give my puppies probiotics and send them home with a few days supply. I also feed and recommend FULL fat, vanilla flavored, Greek yogurt. (Make sure it is not artificially sweetened. Artificial sweeteners are VERY toxic, even deadly to dogs)! They love it, and it is high in protein. Only give a large tablespoon full because it does have sugar in it. I wish they would eat the plan, but they only love it with the sugar in it like already in the vanilla flavored.

        Once a puppy leaves here, I will always answer the phone when you call, (for the life of your dog) even at 3am. I will also promptly respond to emails. Customer relations is a huge part of what I do. I am not here to take your money and run.

          If you put a deposit down on one of my puppies, you will receive updated pictures and a video each week on a specific day without exception. There will never be a time when I do not send you updates because your puppy is not up to it. My puppies are never hypoglycemic. I learned how to raise the healthiest puppies through experience, dedication to the cause and love throughout the years.

All my puppies are microchipped before they leave here. If they are lost and recovered, AVID will tell the shelter that the puppy is not registered and give the shelter worker or vet tech another phone number to call to find out who the implanter is. If that worker takes the second step and calls that number, they will get my info as the implanter. Then, I will call you to let you know where your dog is at. In order to avoid the chance that the second call is never made, it is best to regsiter the puppy in your name. I sell the prepaid registration forms here for $25. Let me know if you want the puppy registered in your name.

I advise everyone buying a puppy of any size, age or breed to have this product on hand: Pro-Pectalin by Vetoquinol. I keep a 30cc tube on hand at all times. It is the BEST way to get an upset digestive system back on track, and it works quickly. When I wean puppies from their mothers at 5 weeks or so, they get very stressed out. I do it gradually, but it is still scary. The change of a new home can be just as stressful and can cause a puppy to lose their appetite and make their stool loose. If either happens, give a dose, and things will return to normal very soon. It may take up to 3 or 4 doses, but two usually is all that is required. It is available on Chewy.com for under $20. Have it on hand before you take your puppy home. It could end up being the best $20 you ever spent. If you do not end up using it, you can still give it you your pet. It is loaded with probiotics and is very good for them. I would not waste it, and would just give a dose a week until it is gone.

          Puppy Training

All my puppies are trained to go potty on the Ugodog. They are usually trained by the time they are 7 weeks old, and trained really well by the time they leave here at 8 weeks or older.  It is a pee pee pad liner with a cover that makes it impossible for puppies to tear apart the pee pee pads. My puppies use them right away when I put a soiled pad in it. The best thing to do is put him in a confined room where the pads are. You will have to keep him there a lot for the first few days until he establishes where he needs to go. Once you open the area up, it takes a while for them to learn where to go. If you catch it soon, he will be a good boy (or girl of course) and use the pads. If he starts picking his own spots, he will want to continue to do things his way and you will have a problem. I would get a baby gate and put the puppy pads, or better yet, the Ugodog or Kleen Paws (available on Amazon) in the room where you want him or her to go potty. After a few days, he or she will know this is the spot to go. If you put a little urine on it, your puppy will go right to it. Ask me for a urine sample on a paper towel to take home and put under your devise.  Keep in mind: when dogs and puppies finish eating or wake up, they usually have to go to the bathroom. This is the best time to confine them in the room. Since they are used to confined areas, it is best to continue this at first in their new home. Once they see that you are the boss and this is where they need to go, it is where they will continue to go. Letting them run all around your house lets them decide where they want to go and makes training a LOT harder. Once they are going on the ugodog all the time, you can open up the gate, and the little baby will walk into that room to go potty.  Many of my customers have told me about Ugodog and Kleen Paws for potty training.  Look it up, and give it a try.  They say that puppies are attracted to it right away.  I think the puppies I breed are used to the grates on top of the device.  It is very reasonably priced and it holds the pee pee pads in it so the puppies cannot tear it up or drag it around. When you get a puppy from me, they already are familiar with the ugodog and are already using it most of the time. If you come over to meet the puppies, you can watch them use it. It works really well.