Stud Service Information

Uey's Homeraised Puppies

Summerfield Florida


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Located on 2.5 shady acres in Summerfield Florida
12 miles South of Ocala Florida
North of Orlando about 1.25 hours
North of Miami about 4.75 hours
North of Vero Beach about 2.5 hours
Next to The Villages

Stud service is available for a flat fee of $500 plus 7% sales tax.  You must first bring your dog to my vet and pay $74 total for a brucellosis test.
There is no office call. You just bring your dog to my vet, and a vet tech checks her blood for the disease.
Brucellosis is a sexually transmitted disease, and the test must be done right before breeding to my dog.  The stud fee is paid in advance, and will only be refunded if the dog fail to connect.
You can bring your dog here up to two times to breed. If she connects and does not get pregnant, no refund will be given.
No dog will be allowed near my dogs unless you bring vet records for influenza and parvo vaccines.