Baby Bands and Gotti's relatives

(I did not breed Gotti and do not have pictures of his family except for his lovely past puppies)

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(Click here to see a video of  Baby Bands, the mother) Coming soon

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Gotti, the STUNNING father

The overly adorable Gotti again

Gotti one more time.


Chipita, the aunt

Baby Bands, the mother 

Baby Bands again

Harley is a little girl from Gotti and a different mother


Savanna the great grandmother

Simon, the great grandfather who weighs under 3 pounds

Simon chilling with his girlfriends

This is Bella. She is Simon and Savanna's daughter

Tiny, the great great grandmother

Psyche, the great great grandfather

2.5 pound Angel is Gotti's little girl from another litter. She is to die for!

Joy, the great great grandmother

Poopsie, the snugglie great grandma

Wally the grandfather, on the left with his grandmother Precious. She is now retired and is very happy living in this loving home.

Mararah, the great great great aunt. She is my favorite little dog of all time. Yes,I was crazy in love with Mirarah.

Precious right, with her daughter Tweenie. Tweenie has the same father and mother as Travis, the grandfather of this litter. Notice how these two look alike. Look at those noses. This pic is so darling.

Bouncer, the great great grandfather

Sky, the great great great grandmother

Angel Gotti's daughter when she was a puppy

The precious little Angel again

Chase is Gotti's daughter from another litter

Vito, the great great  great grandfather

Moses, Vito's brother from the same litter 


Inky, the great great  great great grandmother

Snickers, the great great  great great grandfather

Chloe, the great great great grandmother

Tootsie, the great great great great great grandmother. Yes, my lines go way back.

Butch, the great great,great, great, great grandfather

Morgan, the great,great, great, great, great,  great grandmother

Generations go by a lot quicker in dogs than in humans

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

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Snicker daughter




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                                                           (Click here to see a video of Poopsie and Travis, the grandparents.) 

 (Click here to see a video of Simon, Travis's dad and Poopsie.) 
 (Click here to see a video of Travis and Poopsie (the great grandparents).) 

   (Click here to see a video of Simon the great grandfather )

   (Click here to see a video of Poopsie the great grandmother, going on a walk)
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Travis the great grandfather

Travis, the great grandfather with one of his friends, Puffin

Poopsie, the great grandmother

A closer look at little Poopsie

Here Poopsie is standing

This is Navaeh at 6 months old. Her new mom sent me this lovely pic. She is so precious and looks just like both her her parents. I see Travis and Poopsie in her so clearly.

The great granddad, Travis is way too cute and so tiny

Travis with another woman who happens to be Poopsie's half sister

Travis again

Travis going on a walk

What a cute little man

Meet Winston, Poopsie and Travis's son from another litter.

Winston is not only spoiled, he is also the defination of perfection!

Winston's new mom sent me 3 pictures of the lovely man, and I could not make up my mind which one to post; so here is the third Winston pic. Love this guy.
Travis with another woman one more time

Poopsie the great grandmother 

Travis, the great grandfather next to a regular sized chihuahua to show his size

Travis again. He is just too cute

Poopsie the little mommy acting really cute

The same pic of Poopsie, but farther away to show her size

Kia, the great great, great grandmother

Kita, the great great great grandmother


Poopsie the great grandmother again

Key Keys the great great grandmother


Gambino, the great great grandfather

Bouncer, the great great grandfather

Bo, The the great great great great great grandfather

Sonja, Bo's daughter;

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Ittie the grandmother  litter

Sweet little Ittie again

Wally, the grandfather

Wally one more time 

Wally as a puppy