Past Pups and Dogs 
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When Piper's mom Kathy told me she weighed 20 ounces at a year old, I was in shock. When Gina and Travis had her, I predicted her to weigh 3.25 pounds full grown.
The world record for a chihuahua is 20 ounces! This means that Piper has tied the world record and if she skipped a meal prior to weigh in, she could even beat it!!
Notice the picture below with the pen in front of her; showing her incredible size.
Although I do not go out of my way to breed dogs this size and concentrate more on health, I do get super tiny ones from time to time. When I do, wow!

Full-grown, 20 ounce Piper (notice the pen for size comparison) 
I have MANY dogs in my breeding program from this lovely Gina/Travis line
UPDATE: The world record was broken since I posted this, but Piper is still SUPER tiny

Travis and Alexis's daughter Marley loves her country. What can I say other than USA, USA!!

Teddi is Zest and Tucker's daughter. I have honestly never seen a prettier photo of a puppy. Thank you Gina for sending this to me. WOW

Louie is from Capone and Cupcake and is, well you tell me: STUNNING

I don't care how many waffles Savannah feeds Midori, she is not going to go over 3 pounds EVER!

Here Midori is again. You can really see her size if you look at the pillow in front of her. Look at her face and her coat. This girl from Gambino and Ambie is stunning!

Gambino and Ambie's daughter Midori is on this page several times. That's because she is the most adorable chihuahua of all time in my opinion.

Midori loves to social distance I hear. LOL!! Her mom is a total riot.

Someone contacted me and told me that a creepy, low life, puppy miller is using Roxy's picture and saying she is the father of her puppies. The reason why MANY breeders or scammers that are only out to steal your money, use my pictres is because either they don't have any dogs, or their poor dogs are not presentable. Please avoid websites that have puppy ads on them. These places offer cheep puppies with the intention to either take your money, or to sell you a puppy mill puppy that comes from extreme abuse. It is appalling to think that my dog or puppy pictures are being used to scam people and contribute to the abuse of dogs. Unfortunatly there is nothing I can do about it except inform the public; which I do very well.

OK, I am not going to say who bought this ADORABLE puppy from me. I promised not to if they allowed me to post this pic on my website. When they sent this to me, I almost lost it. This acutually happens all the time. My chihuahuas are very clingy. SOOOOO cute. Oh, and her parents are Marbles and Gotti.

Avoid this person and others like her, like the plague! This is the person who is using Roxy's picture to scam people.

Simon and Gina's 4 pound stunner Roxy. I know, breathtaking! This is what 26 years of breeding the best to the best produces.

Gino (Gina and Travis) looks so tiny compared to his bulldog friend. I love this pic. Big dogs can be so sweet. I know from experience. Dogs are all so precious.

Roxy with her bestie, Stella who shares the same father, Simon. Stella's mother is Gina.

Meet Benji,Raven and Gambino's lovely boy

At Ueys, we are known for breeding out genetic problems
and focusing on generations of increasing beauty. Millie, on top
is pictured here with her parents Punk and Snickers.

Little Rose is the cutest little girl ever. Her parents are Drita and Tucker. I can't wait to see her when she is full grown.

Rose was cute as a puppy above, but look at her now!!! WOW!!!

This little boy was a year old when this picture was sent to me from his new mom. Simon and Barbie are his proud parents.

Simon and Barbie make pretty baby girls as well. Look at this beauty.

I mean really? Barbie and Simon need to be famous over this little girl. Here she is again. Look how tiny her water bowl is. Simon gives me lots of teacups like this. Well, maybe not as pretty, but close. I actually have never seen a prettier chihuahua than this girl.

Buyer Beware: There are ads on Craigs List, etc that use my name, Uey's. It is not me. I never advertise on scum websites like that. People use my name and get people to Western Union money to them. They never receive a puppy. Don't be scammed. Never Western Union anyone!

This little doll baby looks like a puppy, but she is full grown. Her parents are Simon and Precious.

No, this is not a pile of stuffed animals. Look closer, and you will see Midori. She is the daughter of Gambino and Ambie. What a little teacup doll baby literally.

Midori again proving that she is even cuter when she sits alone.

Midori hanging out with her bestie.

Midori at a hotel with her friend Tequila who was also bred by me. Look at those spoiled brats. Love it.

Tequila loves to eat at the table like a human

I guess she got tired of waiting. Is this not the cutest pic ever?!?!

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Maxx is one of Snicker's past puppies going shopping for flowers.
The picture below is of Maxx again
All of the puppies on this page are no longer available.
They are just examples of the quality of puppies that I breed. If you want to see my current available puppies, click on the links below.

Available Chihuahua Puppies

Chihuahua Adults


Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy From A Petshop or Fleamarket.

Simon's little girl weighs under 2 pounds full grown. She is always on facebook and has quite the wardrobe.

Misty is Gina and Simon's daughter. Look at those Simon eyes.

Flinn is Barbie and Simon's darling little boy.

The lucky and very spoiled Flinn again.

Here is the little 2.7 pounder next to her huge 3.5 pound friend who is from Bouncer and Bella.

Misty is SERIOUSLY darling!

Coco is full grown and way past the puppy stage, but look at her. Her mom sends me videos of her playing like a puppy all the time and I love it. Her sister is Chica Bella; who is on my website as well. Their parents are Chocolite and Gotti and they are both really tiny and obviously darling.

This is little Chase. He is Precious and Gotti's handsome son!

Stella at a year old, Gambino and Tipsy's lovely daughter.

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KC is really going to be lovely when her full coat comes in. She is still a teenager, but will no doubt soon be as lovely as her parents, Gambino and Raven.

Oberon and Oliver are also at the age where they shed their coats. I cannot wait to see these brothers from Olivia and Gotti when they are full grown with their beautiful full coats. Look at those faces!

Oberon is finally full grown and his mommy was kind enough to send this lovely pic

And she did not forget to include a pic of Oberon's stunning brother Oliver

Sweet little Zoe is Marbles and Gotti's spoiled daughter

Lovely little Lola (Poopsie and Travis) is quite the sassy one according to her new lucky mommy.

Precious right, is now retired. She went to live with her grandson from Travis and Poopsie, left. His hame is Wally.

Oh my! Dean looks just like his daddy Tucker and his mommy Stelda too.

Frankie is Tucker and Drita's lovely son.

Frankie again when he was younger. What a BEAUTIFUL boy!

Frankie again

Frankie's mom sent me this pic of Frankie at exactly one year old and 2.5 pounds

He sure is way past the "ugly stage" now

Cookie right, is Barbie and Travis's 3.3 pound daughter. Twiggy left, also weighs 3.3 pounds and is from Splash and Simon. I origionally keep both of them, but had to find them a new home because both ended up being too small to breed. The lucky girls ended up being really lucky and have the greatest home ever now. I am sad for me, but so happy for them. How precious are they?

Pearl (Tucker and Zest's baby)taking a break after playing in her sandbox. Look close and you will see sand on her darling nose. Her mom says she is her favorite puppy/dog of all time.

Bugsy (Gaselle and Gotti's son) getting ready to celebrate his first birthday with his bestie Pearl (Zest and Tucker's daughter).

The darling little Bugsy enjoying his special day

Ok, Bugsy is like: I have had enough. Soooooooo cute!

Super tiny Romy is as perfect as can be and is Zest and Tucker's daughter

Romy loves her toys and loves her pampered life.

Marley is Travis and Jeanine's absolutly precious daughter

Look at those Marley eyes. Love, love, love

Dixie (Gina and Travis's daughter) on her way to Christmas dinner

Cute little KC is Raven and Gambino's sweet little girl

One of the main health problems that all small dogs experience in old age is heart and kidny disease because they had unaddressed dental issues. In addition to regular professional cleanings, I start mine off young with the experience of their teeth being picked by me. When they get a bath, they also get their teeth picked. I use a pick I purchased from Walmart. Some of mind fight a little, but some just let me pick all I want to, and I pick a lot of tarter off them. This reduces the amount of times they need to go under anesthesia which is always a risk. The puppy above is Chica Bella. Her mom uses a child size tooth brush dipped in cocconut oil each day to clean her teeth. Mommy dips it in the oil and Chica Bella goes to town and cleans her own teeth! This is so smart and just plain darling!!

Chica Bellla again.

Adorable Chica Bella acting like a puppy at 3.5 years old

Kahula is Sophia and Vito's daughter. That makes her Snickers, Chloe, and Glow Worm's grandchild.
Here she is at her 1st birthday party. The pictures to follow are hysterical. Brace yourself.

It gets better



Here is Kahula again driving Midori to the Disney dog hotel. What a life!

What a day. Now, it is time to relax.

KC, Splash, and Simon were all bred by me. They are the center dogs and the one to the left. Their mommy loves them dearly. They truly have the best home possible.

Here they are again. They own that couch! Make sure you notice Splash all the way to the right. Love it!

Here is Kahula again driving Midori to the Disney dog hotel. What a life!

What a day. Now, it is time to relax.

Scrumptious is a baby I kept from Sweet Pea and Capone and I am sure glad I did!.

Here he is again; prettier than ever.

Scrupptious's littermate: The lovely Rip.

Rip and his spoiled bestie.


Harley again

Harley one more time. WAY TOO CUTE!!

Marley is Travis and Alexis's overly adorable and very spoiled daughter.

Meet Dioji, Sweet Pea and Capone's absolutly stunning son

Lovely Noodles has a face and coat that is to die for. His parents are Snowy and Gotti. Love, love, love!

Noodles is not the only lovely dog in the family. Here he is again with his half sister Angel. Her parents are Raven and Gotti. Raven's mom is Snowy. The beauty runs deep in this line. And let's not even get into the cutness overload.

I know it can be dangerous to have chihuahuas with larger dogs, but I also know it can work. And when it does, it is beyond precious. A RESPONSIBLE human knows if their dogs can or cannot get along. The little boy on the left is Stelda and Tucker's darling little boy.

Ok, you are going to see Gotti's son Bugsy all over this page for good reason! His mom keeps sending me irresistible pictures. Look at his little face. And he is no longer a puppy. Bugsy is a full-grown little man now.

Simon is getting older, but he is just as cute as the day I cut his cord. When I retire my dogs at 6 years old, it is the hardest thing I have to do regarding this business. Thankfully, I find them the best homes possible and I get updated pictures like this one as the years go by for all of us. Looking at this picture in particular, really warms my heart. I will always remember sweet little Simon. I have many of his relatives here to remind me of him, but nothing matches the look on his face in this picture. What a precious little 3 pound soul.

Scamers and puppymillers are always stealing my pictures and using them to either scam people out of money or sell their often sick and genetically disadvantaged puppymill puppies and lying about who the parents are. Buyer beware!! If you see my pictures being used like this, please let me know. People need to be warned!!

Very deceptive people out there!!! I get phone calls from people that were scammed out of money all the time. If these people do have puppies, I guarantee you that the parents do not look like my Gotti and are ABUSED!! I blacked out the phone number because I did not advertise for slime balls.

Darling Remi is from Jeanine and Bannon. At this age, long coat chihuahuas ALL shed their fur and usually look pretty bad. Not Remi.

Chica Bella is Gotti and Choc-O-Lite's daughter

Petey is Tiny and Vito's lovely son

Petey again showing off his lovely tail

Socialialite (retired and Bojangles daughter) and Hi Tech sure had the cutest little babies. These little brothers live in luxury in New York. They have the best  mommy and are very luck and lovely little boys.

Zoie and Finn are not siblings, but they share the same parents: Barbie and Simon. They are as sweet as they are beautiful, just like their mommy and daddy.

Precious left, with her daughter Tweenie. Notice how these two look alike. Look at those noses. I just love this pic so much.

Gotti and Stelda's son. Most of Gotti's babies have this same perfect little face.

Otis (left) and his best friend enjoying the great life. Otis is Drita and Tucker's lovely son.

Flower is from Gotti and Marbles and she turned out to be absolutly stunning.

Tipsey and Tucker's lovely son Brady at a year old. :)

Chiko at 10 years old after a fun filled day at the dog park. I love it when my customers suprise me with pictures like this 10 years after selling them a puppy. I mean, I really LOVE it!


Boca is Simon and Crystal's lovely daughter. She is super tiny like her father, but looks just like her mother.

Boca again with her lovely mom. The short coat towards the bottom was not one of mine, but sure is a lucky baby.

Precious and Gambino's beautiful son.

Jodie is Gambino and Tipsey's daughter. It looks like her coat will end up being just as thick as her beautiful dad's, and she has her mom's eyes.

Two of my retirees, one of my puppies all grown up and one of my rescues living the life and completly owning the couch!

Notice how adorable a properly raised pit bull can be
when they are raised right.

Chino is Snicker's son

Skeeter is Precious and Simon's lovely son. Here he is at 6 months old, very happy in his loving home.

Skeeter's mom sent me an update of Skeeter, prettier than ever at a year old.

I could not decide which picture of Skeeter was the cutest. So, I went ahead and posted both.

Bruno is Ainsley and Dobbs's beautiful little boy

Bruno again as lovely as ever

Two of my retirees (Simon and Splash) and one of my rescues have the best home possible, and I love it!

Meet the very handsome Posha, Barbie and Simon's son.

Here is Pasha again with her sibling Valentino enjoying a lovely Florida afternoon on the porch.

Amber (left) is from Zest and Tucker. Angel (right) is from Snowy and Travis. They left here together to go to their new, very loving home. I love it when my customers send me lovely pics like this to brighten my day. :)

Gotti/Chipita (the bottom 2) and Ainsley/Capone (the top one) sure do have lovely babies and very lucky ones

Marley is from Travis and Alexis and is to die for!

Romy is a puppy from Zest and Tucker. I cannot wait to see this doll when she is full grown!!

Remi is the stunning son of Jeanine and Bannon

Remi at his first birthday party. What a doll.

Tiny is Simon's sweet little mommy.

Kali is Capone and Ainsley's baby girl. She looks just like her stunning mother.

Tucker is the magnificent father of several of my dogs including Jeanine, Alexis, Capone and Marbles.

Sweet Tucker again

Tucker one more time

Wolfie is Olivia and Gotti's beautiful son. He looks so happy in his beautiful new home. The little black girl is Epiphany who is from Simon and Gina.

Gia looks so happy with her new brother Wolfie. How precious.

Gia and Wolfie a few years later and precious Gia looks just as happy.

Epiphany is as tiny as she looks and is full grown

Wolfie and Epiphany are ready for their first Christmas together!

Wolfie and Epiphany one more time during their second Christmas together. Wolfie is tiny, but Epiphany is tini wennie tiny.

Beautiful Mable at 5 months old is Gotti and Celeste's daughter

Tiny Harper (right) at her new home with her friend Brandy. Her parents are Cupcake and Capone.

Bugsy is Gotti and Giselle's very happy and spoiled baby boy.

Mario (Stelda and Tucker's son) hanging out with his friend Nigel. Sooooo cute

Mario's brother Luigi seams to like Nigel more than he likes his brother. I love this so much.

It looks like Mario loves Nigel just as much as Luigi does. So sweet.

My customers keep sending me these darling pics and I keep posting them. This is Otis with his big brother. Otis is Tucker and Drita's son.

Amber (top) is Zest and Tucker's lovely daughter. Angel (bottom) is Travis and Snowy's stunning daughter and they are very blessed to be together in their forever home.

Amber and Angel again. They are just stunning.

Snickers and Kia's son Doobie getting ready to go bye bye in his new loving home.

One of Kia's obviously spoiled little girls. Kia is now retired, but I have her relatives here. 


No, it is not a mouse or a vulture. This is a,
little monster that loves chicken livers. This is one of Snickers puppies.

Bennie is Snowy and Travis's little boy

The sweet little Bennie again

Otis is Drita and Tucker's stunning son and he loves his friends.

Frankie is on this page above, but his mom keeps sending me pics like this!!

Kalani is a stunning example of what happens when you combine the genes of Tucker and Zest

The lovely Kalani again

Full grown Fiona and Lola share the same father, Travis. Lola's mother (left) is Poopsie. Fiona's mother is Snowy. Both of them weigh close to 3.0 pounds even though their mothers are larger. It's all in the genes.

Lola is so beautiful, and I hear she has grown to be quite the diva as well. Her parents are Travis and Poopsie

Kali (right) is Aisley and Capone's stunning daughter. The lovely Chia is from Gotti and Chipita. They look like statues because their dad caught them on mom's desk again being bad babies. So cute.

Louie is Capone and Cup Cakes absolutly breath taking son.

Teddi(Zest and Tucker)is on this page a few times. As she grows up, I hope to get even prettier pictures of her.

Puffins and Ambie retired from Uey's when they were 6 years old. They are ten now and obviously enjoying their forever home. This makes me so happy.

10 year old Puffins still looks like a cute little puppy. :)

Chocolite and Gambino have stunning babies. Pookie is as demanding as she is pretty, and talk about adorable. Her new parents are 100% smitten with her.

Pookie, Chocolite and Gambino's daughter loves her new friend Suzie. What a great home she has.

The lucky little Pookie again.

Meet Jack. He is the beautiful son of Splash and Simon.

Zoie is much prettier in person according to her new mom, but is still lovely in pics. She is Barbie and Simon's lucky little spoiled girlie.

Splash is one of my retired females and is Zest's mom. Here she is at 6 years old enjoying a car ride with her friend KC. She thinks KC is her baby because KC and Splash moved from here at the same time. KC's real mom is Raven and her dad is Gambino. I am so happy for sweet little Splash. The move was very shocking to her, but it was sure worth it! Splash and KC have the best life possible, and that makes me very happy.

Here is KC alone to really show her beauty.

Polly is Gambino and Ambie's lovely daughter. Her proud mommy sent me this lovely pic, and I just had to share.

I could not help it and had to go visit Zoie in person. She is STUNNING!

In her spare time, Zoie is a figurine

It looks like Luna, Raven and Gambino's daughter is taking after her very thick coated daddy.

Daisy lives in New York with her new very loving mom. She is a beautiful daughter of Snowy River.
Yes, she is possibly the prettiest chihuahua puppy of all time. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.
It is just the Snowy River in her.  Snowy River is now retired, but I have offspring here.

Daisy all grown up still living the great life.

Mia is from Gotti and Marbles. Here she is at one year old and 3.7 pounds. Look at that delicate little doll baby face.

Mia again because I could not choose which pic I liked the most.

Ok, so I had to just post all three to make my life easier.

Dutches and Armani share the same father, Gotti. Stelda and Baby Bands are their moms and they are living a very blessed life.

Ginger is Simon's daughter. She lives a very lavish lifestyle obviously, but looks a bit annoyed. Typical princess. If you get one of Simon's little babies, there is a good chance they might end up looking like this: Tiny and stunning.

Ginger again.
Sorry the picture is sideways. I cannot figure out how to fix it because it shows up on my computer straight. She is still lovely.

Jinx front is one of Snickers and Punk's tiny little girls.
They are both no longer in my breeding program, but their relatives are.
I am at the point where most of my dogs were bred by me and so were their parents.
I like it this way because I only keep the healthiest puppies for breeding and know what I am getting.
Nothing is more important than health to me.   Beauty is important as well, but health is everything.  
I do not like to get phone calls from families that have a 8 month old puppy that they love and have made a part of their family who has a serious genetic problem.
Not only did I do wrong by the poor little puppy, I also am making this loving family suffer.
I am in this business to make people happy and make them come to me again when they want another puppy or dog.
I also want them to recommend me.  I want their puppy to grow up to be a beautiful healthy dog that will live
a great life until he/she is about 16 years old, not end up needing an expensive surgery to correct
a bad choice I made as a breeder.  And that bad choice may be one that the new family cannot or will not address.  They may end up just putting him/her down  and moving on.  I do not want this.  My genetic guarantee is only good for a year financially, but please contact me if there is ever a genetic problem. I need and want to know about it to make sure I do my best to not let it happen again.  I am such a sucker that if I can financially help, I will, even if the dog is 10 years old.  I help strays when I can, so why not help one of my own.  I have put dogs that I raised on my website and asked for donations to help them.  For instance, when I used to breed pugs, I put a 3 year old pug that I sold to a lady on my site because he had developed a liver shunt problem and the lady was going into debt trying to afford the very expensive surgery.  I was not too proud to admit that I bred this genetically unsound dog.   I took responsibility and tried to help him.  A lot of people read my website and you never know if someone with a kind heart for animals and a lot of money can help.  We did not end up getting the money we needed, but he did get the surgery.  He ended up dying shortly after, but at least, everything was done for him that could be done.  I felt sorry for the owner, but she knew that I really was not at fault since that had not come up in my lines and I did not breed the parents again even though the father was outstanding as far as his looks were concerned.  

The lovely Jinx full grown. Jinx is Millie's sister (top of page).
As you can see, Punk and Snickers produce traffic stopping babies, and I have their offspring here.


Lucky little Vanessa (one of Snickers and Precious puppies) and her new mommy Michelle in Canada.

Louie'e eyes are too much. I think he is so darling.

Here Louie is again. His parents are Travis and Crystal, and he looks just like his daddy.

Louie again hanging with his homies.

Lilly is the beautiful daughter of Panda and Bo.

Lola (left) is from Travis and Poopsie. Her little friend on the right is from Marbles and Gotti

Lola and her little friend have another friend: Fiona who is a half sister to Lola.

I can't stand it; look how cute these babies are!

Is this not the cutest thing ever. Grayson, the bigger dog, used to be the only dog in the house until Figaro came along. They instantly became besties. Figaro is from my Scrumptious and Molly line.

Roxy and Stella share the same father: Simon. Their moms are Barbie and Gina (the smaller one). The baby to the left is not one of mine, but she loves her friends.

Louie from Capone and Cupdake is closly related to Roxy above. I love, love, love this line that I have been working on for decades.

Rip at a year old still loves to carry his toys around

Rip is way too cute and his parents are Sweet Pea and Capone.

Rip finally got his "toy" to its final destination

Katie is Marbles and
Gotti's absolutly lovely daughter

Anastasia "Ani" is Gotti and Baby Bands very patriotic little girl. Love it!

Zoie and Flinn are both from Simon and Barbie, but from two different litters. They are beautiful babies that I have on this page several times.

Kuma (Tipsy and Gotti) and his human daddy. Love our law enforcement officers.

Kuma again, what a beauty. Look at those eyes!

Snowy and Travis's spoiled son Ditto is as sweet as he looks

Brody's parents are Tucker and Tipsy. I am so glad I kept many dogs from this line.

Cherry (one of Bandit's puppies) does not look to thrilled with her new ears, but sure is spoiled.
Bandit is now retired.

Noodles is Gotti and Snowy's absolutly luscious son

Noodles again showing off his thick coat along with his beautiful friend Angel who shares the same father, Gotti. Angel's mother is Raven.

Maya is Capone and Anisley's adorable daughter

Maya taking a break from modeling after working up a thirst.

When Ty (Gina and Travis's son)turned 4 years old, his human sister made this and sent it to me. How precious.

This breath-taking boy is Phyche's, son.
Phyche is retired, but his son Simon, is still here, and is quite the stud muffin.

Snickers and Patches son Bruiser thinking (I hope that is not real fur).

At Uey's, all our dogs are provided with the best of everything. Even if you do not physically visit a kennel prior to buying, pretend like you are on the phone and ask how the adults are housed. If they focus on the puppies and avoid talking about the adults, this is a very bad sign. Insist that you want to know how the parents of the puppies live, and you do not want to drive all the way there just to turn back around. If they do not have positive things to say and try to meet you half way, they are very likely abusing their dogs. If a breeder does not care about their dogs, they do not care about your puppy. Their is a good possibility your puppy may develop genetic problems or be sick. Stay away from puppymills. Let the buyer beware!

Snicker's son Snickers (They both are Snickie faces)


Precious and Simon have the prettiest babies. Here is Skeeter at 6 months old at his new loving home.

Chia is Chipita and Gotti's darling daughter

If you look hard, you will see Snicker's son between his two dachshund friends, Mitzie and Oscar.

One of my puppies from Sadie and Snickers. Look at how cute Romeo  was at his new home with his new friend.

I am a huge supporter of our beautiful flag, and really love this pic of Miss Delilah (Tipsy and Gambino's lovely daughter)
years ago.

Miss Delilah again. She lives 2 blocks away from Miami Beach. What a life!

Sissy, thank you for sending me this lovely pic of the three little girls you got from me throughout the years.

Teddi is Tucker and Zest's daughter, and what a doll! I can't wait to see how she looks when she is full grown!

Teddi again dreaming

Teddi with her daddy who absolutly adores her. How cute is this pic!

Gambino and Ambie's daughter Midori is on this page a lot. I wonder why?

Here they are again. They all look like a family. I actually bred those two dachshunds
years ago.

Chica Bella is Gotti and Choco-Lite's 3 pound adorable daughter

Coco is Chica Bella's sister and obviously loves her country

Coco needs some new toys!!

These tiny little girls are from my Bouncer line. I love this line and kept many from this line that goes way back.

Punk and Snickers have the most beautiful puppies around.
This is tiny full grown Millie.

Ainsley right and Capone left are two of my beautiful breeding dogs
Their son is Boris

Ambie is one of my past breeding dogs

Amber is one of my past breeding dogs and she is Ambie's mom

Alexis is one of my current breeding dogs
Ginand Travis are her parents

Peanut and Coco are two of my retirees enjoying the great life
with their new beautiful human mom Breana.

Zazu is the daughter of Ausie and Vito.
This in not a painting. She is just pretty as a picture.

Speaking about paintings. Zazu's mom did happen to have her portrait done and was sweet enough to share it with me.


I am honestly blown away.

Zazu after she had a haircut and just as lovely.

Chica Bellla Choc O Lite and Gotti)is on this page a few times, and will continue to be on here as long as her mom keeps sending me pictures like this. How darling is she?

Isabella (Chloe and Snicker's baby) is about as pretty
a girl as I have ever seen. I hate to brag, but pictures do not lie.
(The little outfit does help though).

Romeo is Zest and Tucker's absolutly stunning little boy at 11 weeks old

Smudge is the daughter of Simon and Barbie. She is a t cup like her father. It is not like being a runt. She is super tiny because of genetics, not a defect. Simon does this a lot, and boy are they lovely.

To me, there is nothing cuter than a big lovable dog like this. I had no problem with this customer when she told me about her other dogs.

Little Bella has a great home with them. She is Gambino's daugther.

Juanita (left) with her new friend. Juanita is Snickers and Cloe's daughter.
The lucky girl now lives with Dr Rick Erwin's family, my wonderful vet since 1985.

Olivia Skyler is 13 now and still stunning. She is the daugher of Snickers and Patches.

Another picture of Olivia Skyler only naked this time.

Maximas is Raven and Gambino's lovely daughter. She is also very spoiled.

Maximas again with her cute little birthday dress. She was 1 year old that day.

Raven and Gambino's boy during his first Christmas photo shoot. His name is; you guessed it: Teddy.

Keri is one of my current breeding dogs and is Navarro's sister

Keri again with her first litter

Lovely Keri one more time

Kimberly is Stelda's daughter and Mini Me's mom. She is retired from Ueys.

Cutie pie Kimberly one more time

Kyle is one of my breeding dogs from decades ago and his line is still here.

Navarro is one of my current breeding dogs and his coat is the thickest coat I have ever seen on a chihuahua. He is also as sweet as sugar. I just love him.

Navarro loves the camera

Navarro again. This dog is just as sweet as he looks.

Capone weighs under 3 pounds and is Drita and Tucker's absolutly just to die for son. He is one of my past breeders and his lines are never going anywhere. I kept many dogs from Capone; including Milton and Maria.

Zest is the beautiful mom of Marbles and I have kept many dogs from this line.

Baby Zestos again

Capone again

Milton is Capone and Drita's son and Sparkles's dad. He is one of my current breeding dogs. He weighs under 3 pounds and is to die for in every way.

Sweetie pie Milton again

Chipita is one of my current breeding dogs and her daughter is Torpita.

Chipita again

Cupcake is one of my past breeders and is Milton and Maria's mom. The dogs in her line including Cupcake are super tiny.

Cupcake again

Dobbs is one of my current breeders and is a red merle; who is one of the sweetest chihuahuas I have ever met.

Dobbs again

Drita is one of my past breeders. I Capone is her son and Matcha is her daughter. There is no way I would ever breed out this stunning line.

Drita again

Gambino is Bouncer's son and is one of the thickest coated chihuahuas I have ever seen. He is one of my past breeders and I kept his lines here for good.

Gambino again

Gina right, is Jeanine and Alexis's mom and Travis left has so many relatives here that I cant't remember them all off the top of my head. My lines are full of Travis lines and is one of the reasons why my lines are so healthy and beautiful.

Gotti is one of my past breeding males and I still have his lines all over the place at Ueys.

Gotti again

Jeanine is one of my current breeding females and is one of my smallest. Her mom is Gina and she is absolutly precious.

Jeanine again

Since Jeanine loves the camera so much, she gets three pics.

Precious is one of my past breeding dogs. She came from two decades of picking and choosing the pretiest, sweetest and healthiest dogs from. A decade later, her lines are still here and will always be until I retire.

Precious again

Precious one more time with her son Wally. Sweet Pea and Chipita are Wally's daughters.

Savanna at her retirement home after being a breeding dog here. Wally is related to her; which kept her line going.Savanna is one of my all time favorite little lovers.

Simon is one of my past breeding dogs and his son is Capone. Since I love this line so much, I kept many dogs here from Capone.

Simon was loved by anyone he met.

Snowy is Ainsley, Snowden and Majorie's mom and she is one of my past breeding dogs.

Snowy enjoying retirement.

Puffins and Ambie are two of my past breeding dogs; whos lines I love and kept.

Puffins again

Puffins is Puffy's daughter and part of Snowden, Ainsley, and Snowy's line. I kept lots of dogs from this line for a reason.

Punkie is Punk's daughter and I still have this decades long line here at Uey's.

Raven is one of my past breeders and she is lines will stay here until I retire. Snowy, Snowden, and Ainsley come from this line.

Raven again

Snowy River is Bouncer's dad and his lines are rampent here at Uey's decades later.

Lola is the little girl on the left, and she is from Ambie and Gambino. Bebe is from Ambie and Bouncer. I love it when my past customers send me lovely pics like this years later.

Meet Winston, Poopsie and Travis's son

Winston is an spoiled little man that likes to take charge obviously

I know 3 pictures of one dog is a bit over kill, but I could not decide on just one

Charlie is one of Snicker's boys.
Who says you cannot dress up the boys in cute little outfits.

Another Chloe/Snickers baby full grown. I cannot resist posting Chloe's puppies.
Snickers and Chloe produced some of the nicest chihuahuas I have seen, and I have
seen a lot of chihuahuas!

Annie is Tipsy and Gambino's beautiful little girl

Logan's red merle puppy Sophie enjoying her Christmas presents and looking slightly spoiled.

Bella is Simon and Savanna's lovely daughter

Pinky is one of Snickers and Chloe's little girls. As you can see, her new mommy
spoils her rotten and gives her the best of everything like she deserves.

Lucy is one of Rainy and Snickers past and very spoiled puppies.

This is what happens when Bouncer gets together with the ladies. The Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Singer has nothing on me, just saying.

Perfection from Puffy and Capone.

Babe retired from Uey's in 2006. The lovely family that adopted her also brought home one of Angel and Harley's lucky girls.

Sparkles is one of my current breeding females. Splash is her great grandmother. Zest is her grandmother. Tucker is her grandfather, and Milton and Marbles are her lovely parents.

The magneficent Sparkles again

Splash is one of my past breeding females. Her daughter is Zest and her granddaughter is Marbles.

Sweet little Splash again

Sweet Pea is one of my past breeding dogs. Her line stayed here because I kept her Beautiful son Boris.

The sweetest pea of all Sweet Pea again.

Stelda is one of my past breeding females and her line is and will continue to stay here. Kimberly is her daughter and Mini Me is her grand daughter.

Absolutly darling little Stelda one more time.

Bella is Simon and Savanna's daughter. I bet she is just as sweet as her mommy and daddy are.

Misty is already on this page, but when people send me updates like this, I have no choice but to post the pics. TO DIE FOR!

Misty (Simon and Gina) again. Oh, and did I mention, she weighs under 3 pounds!!

I have other pictures of Gambino and Ambie's girl Midori on this page, but I just could not resist posting another.

Midori is not very happy with her new look, but her mommy loves it. So cute!!!

2.7 lb Bannon is one of my current breeding males and he looks just like Cedric; who is famous on social media

Bannon with his friend Maria; who is also one of my current breeding dogs

Barbie is one of my past dogs and I kept her line here
Maria and Milton are her great grand children

Bouncer is one of my past dogs and his lines are all over the place here still

Boris is one of my current breeding dogs
Ainsley and Capone are his parents

Cute little Boris again

Majorie is Snowy and Travis's daughter and I have females from her lines here and this line will stay here until the day I retire. Love this line so much!

Baby Majorie again

Marbles is Sparkles and Bubbles's mom and Zest's daughter. This is another line I would never part with. Her dad is Tucker.

Marbles again and yes she is as sweet as she looks.

This is Jose left (son of Harley) and his new best friend Tasha right.

Judy and Hi Tech's daughter Lola is a beautiful representation of how beautiful a long coat chihuahua can be.
Judy is now retired and is also Bouncer's  mother.


I no longer breed french bulldogs because I wanted to put all my efforts on one breed, chihuahuas.
It was a difficult decision because I sure had some really nice frenchies and loved their personalities.
Some of my past customers still contact me with updates, and I was delighted to see that one of my babies
is doing really well in agility of all things. I wish I could have been there to see Bogart win his past title.

Moses is the son of Chloe and Snickers. I wish I never would have sold him
after seeing this picture of him, but he has a great life with his happy parents. Look at this boy:
Does he make you not want to change your mind about getting a short coated puppy? Long coat chihuahuas
from great lines like this are such a beautiful sight. They are also not like other long-coated small
breed dogs. They do not grow hair in their ears or faces which means, no paying for a groomer.
They just need to be brushed about once a week and they are good to go, no matter how thick and lovely their hair is.
I do have Moses littermate, Vito here. He is just as pretty, but probably not as spoiled. He loves his life here as
a stud muffin though. If you want to see him, go to my chihuahua adult page.

Toby is Lola and Bouncer's son. He is the only dog I have ever sold that writes me every once and a while from his own computer, true story. He writes the most incredible stories, and boy does he live an exciting life. Beauty is something he just has, but he is not stuck up. He never mentions it when we talk. When I see his emails, I get pretty excited because I know he is going to share his life with me. I get a little envious hearing about all his adventures, but it still puts a smile on my face and makes my day.


Cooper is the son of Vito and Jada. He weighs 3 pounds and is in the process of being spoiled rotten by his new loving parents. I hear he is as sweet as he looks too.


Lola and Bouncer's totally spoiled and overly lovely little boy.

Titan is Sophia and Vito's stunning little boy. He was adopted when he was older, and did not adjust right away. His new parents are doing a great job, and he just graduated obiedence school. The little fellow is a very good boy and is very well loved.

Suzy is so spoiled and cute. Savanna and Phyche really out did themselves with this girl.

Suzy at home being Suzy.

Suzy is quite a little doll when she is being bad.

Remi is Orchid (retired) and Bouncer's daughter. Judging from her expression and her little necklace, life is good.

Harley is Gotti and Olivia's 3.1 pound daughter. I thought she would weigh 3.5, but at a year old, she is still only 31 pounds. Gotti and Olivia are perfect examples of regular sized chihuahus that have really tiny puppies. Harley is the third puppy in this litter that unded up being this tiny. It is not about the size of the parents as much as it is about the genes.

Harley is not only tiny, she is also perfect!

I know. Midori is on this page too much. That's because she IS too much!!

I know. I have too many pictures of Kahula and Midori on this page, but who cares? Look at them demanding to go bye bye! BRATS!!!!!

Flinn (Barbie and Simon) also on this page elsewhere, but when pictures like this are sent to me, what's a girl to do?

Splash is one of my retirees. Here she is at her new home celebrating her 7th birthday party. What a lucky little girlie.

Is this picture not the cutest thing? Who says chihuahuas and children do not mix? I know they usually do not, especially
the super tiny ones, but with the right parents who have control over how well their children and dogs are raised, it is very possible.
This is why I do not always discourage mixing the two. I know I had chihuahuas when I was a child without problems, but they were
not t cups and my parents raised us to be responsible. They also knew when to mix and when not to mix the two. This girl looks
very happy with her new family. Her name is Nila and her proud parents are Bella and Capone.



My dear friend Parvin got all three of her lovely babies from me.  Milton, the guy in the middle, looks a little annoyed about having to take time from his suntanning schedule for photos, but life is great otherwise.

Unfortunatly, not all breeding dogs have such a nice life. Most actually suffer like this dog. The main reason is because people contribute to puppy mills. They are told that puppies from pet shops come from "individual, small, local breeders" and they dig no further than their credit card. The fact is that puppy mills sell their puppies to someone, and the people that buy are NOT visiting their facility. Do not allow yourself to be lied to! Do not be the CAUSE of this abuse! DEMAND to see the living conditions of the puppy you buy. If the breeder tells you they don't allow visitors for whatever reason, know in your heart what the real reason is. Please do not contribute to the abuse of desperate little dogs just like this one!

 (Click here to see a video of the inside and outside living conditions of Uey's Chihuahuas in detail)