How To Spot A Puppy Mill

Beware They Are Everywhere

Trying to figure out if the person you are considering purchasing a puppy from over the phone is a puppy mill or a loving breeder is not that difficult if you know what you are doing. Because many of you are new to the puppy buying experience or simply do not know how to spot a puppy miller, I am here to help you. Here is an example of one of my experiences: I noticed a place referred to as a Puppy Palace was advertising on the internet that they sell a lot of chihuahuas to movie stars, singers, movie producers, and other famous people, but never specifically mentioned a name. My curiosity caused me to click on her website. I did think her puppies looked pretty good. They looked nice enough to buy, and she had great prices. Then, I noticed that she was in Arkansas, one of the biggest puppy mill states. She mentioned on her website that she was not a puppy mill and was against puppy mills, but I know people can say anything they want, and they lie to the public all the time, especially when there is a profit involved. This lady in particular, knew that the public would be impressed with the fact that she sold to movie stars and that she was anti puppy mill. Furthermore, on the phone, she sounded like a very nice respectable caring lady. I was soon to find out the truth about her. There was a very cute little boy on her site that I was rather interested in. Everything sounded great, and I really liked the breeder after talking to her. She appeared to be  concerned about where the puppy was going and knew just what to say to close the deal. Unfortunately for her, I knew a little more than she did. I have learned how to spot a puppy mill, and now it was time for me to make my move. I was certainly not going to send any money to a breeder that did not take excellent care of her dogs. I do not care how many movie stars she claims she sold to. Her puppies were nice, she was nice, her website was nice. Everything was all nicey nicey. Now the big question: What about your adults. How do they live? Are they getting any of the profits from this sale, or is it all going into your fat pockets? All of these things were going through my mind. I simply told her this story. You can use it too. The breeder would have to be a slap face liar to get around this one. I told her that I was planning on picking up the puppy, and I needed directions to her place. In reality, I was not going there, and would have the puppy shipped, but I needed to investigate. After she gave me directions from the nearest airport, I asked her what I would see once I got to her place. She said I would see the puppies. I told her I wanted to see the adults and how they live. She told me they live at her mother-in-laws and people normally do not go there. I asked her what the place was like, and she described a half way decent description of the living quarters of the dogs. I asked her if it was set up like a puppy mill with rabbit cages or crates. She laughed and said no way. I told her that if I could not see the conditions of the parents, and was not impressed, I would not buy the puppy. I also told her to please not make me come all the way out there only to be upset because she did not give me an accurate description about how the adults were housed. I told her that I hoped she was not upset with me, but I wanted to make sure my money would be spent on proper care of the parents of my puppy. If not, I would not feel right about buying from her. She told me that she sells to movie stars and is not a puppy mill. I told her that I do not care about who she sells to. That was not important to me. What was important was how her adults were housed. She said that she does not need to sell to people like me that want to come and visit. She hung up on me and told me to stay in Florida. This lady went from Miss sweetie pie to a hostile bitch within our 5 minute conversation. If she would have told me that I could see the adults, I still would not have stopped there. I also would have wanted her vet’s phone number. Not that I would actually call, but I would have told her that I would have called to ask specific questions, not general ones. If I did call, I would not just ask if she was a good breeder. That question is not specific enough and leaves the person on the other end of the phone a way to get out of putting the breeder that spends a lot of money at the vet office down. If you ask specific questions like how often do her adults get their teeth cleaned and how often do they get a full blood panel done, you will get a better idea of what kind of a breeder you are dealing with. Kennel dogs like house pets are subject to sever tooth decay that can lead to heart disease, other catastrophic health problems, and even death. Dogs need to have their teeth cleaned by a vet at least once every two years. Some dogs need it done more often. At that time, they need to have a full blood panel done to make sure they do not have any underlying kidney disease, blood problems, etc. If a poor little dog that lives in a kennel has a bladder infection for instance, it could go undetected for years. I have had a bladder infection before and could not wait for the pain to stop. Poor little puppy mill dogs are never given any consideration for their feelings. Another thing that a lot of breeders do, even those that are not necessarily puppy mills, is let their adult dogs go without spaying or neutering them. Not much effort is involved to place 20 dogs if you let them go to breeders. Breeders are always looking for dogs like this that some other breeder no longer want. They can get them, and start making money on them right away. They do not have to be house trained because they are going to a kennel anyhow. When I decided to start selling my 20 dachshunds for instance, I could have sold them to breeders for $500 each and got them off my hands within a few weeks. That could have been a quick $10,000.00 for me. What I did instead is sell them for an average of $400 each, but I spent about $300 each on them to spay them. While they were being spayed, they also had their teeth cleaned and had a full blood panel done. I do not see the sense of putting them under for surgery without having that all done at the same time. Therefore, I spend $300 and get back around $400. If you add it all up, I will end up making about $2,000 dollars profit after I sell all 20. By the time I drive back and forth to the vet (who is ½ hour each way away) and pay for their food until I place them, I really just about break even. In other words, I lose $10,000 because of the way I do business. I simply cannot sell them to breeders. Who knows what will happen to them if I do. The only way to guarantee and promise them that they will NEVER end up in a puppy mill is to spay them. It has to be done in my eyes. If I breeder is not doing this, I have no respect for them and will not ever buy a puppy from them. They do not deserve my business. All they care about is the money to be made on these dogs. If they are cutting corners with the dentals and the spaying/neutering, you can bet they are cutting a lot more corners. Here is another example of what goes on in the breeding world. One of my dogs was just about to retire. She just had her last litter, and was going to be spayed as soon as I found a good home for her. She lived with two other dachshunds for the past 4 years in harmony, but one day, they decided to start a fight and almost killed the one girl. After rushing her to the vet, I found out she needed surgery that would cost me $500 and she still may not make it. I did not even question what I needed to do. My dogs come first. She ended up being fine, but if the wrong person would have had her and only had profit on their minds, she would not have gotten the help she needed and would have died. I spent $500 on the surgery and another $300 on spaying her. I know I will not get $800 for her and knew it when I agreed to let them operate on her, but I do not care. I do not really even think in numbers, but am mentioning it all to show the public what goes on in the breeding world. What do you think would have happen ed to her if she were in the wrong hands? How many little mommas have there been and will there be that have had 6 litters and are just about useless to their owners, crying in the middle of the night in need of veterinary care, but never get it. If for instance, a momma had 5 puppies and still has one stuck inside of her tearing her uterus apart in the middle of the night, do you think the breeder is going to spend $1,000 on a c section to get a dead puppy out and save an old breeding bitch who is soon going to have to be brought out back and shot soon because they are through with her? No they are not. That momma is going to have to try to hang on till the morning when the vet visit is less expensive. If the puppy miller has another mother to put the puppies on, that momma will probably never see a vet and die a very painful death with her puppies ripped away from her. The sickening stories do not end there. There are too many to think of or mention, but they are real. If you need help spotting a puppy mill even after reading this, please feel free to call me. I always love to help when it comes to making puppy mills lose business. They used to sell their puppies for $200 to pet shops and still do, but now, with the internet, they can call their selves puppy palaces, get nice websites, put cute puppy pictures on the site and sell them for a lot more. Yes, they make more and more money and the dogs get nothing. When I say nothing, I mean it too. If they puncture their eye, it just stays that way. As long as they can breed, that is all that matters. Dogs with no eyes can breed. Dogs with broken legs can breed too. Even overly depressed dogs that never get to leave their crates and can hardly move can breed and have puppies. Please tell others about this. You will be shocked to see that most people have no clue. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It really is very important information, and I am very pleased to be able to put it out there for people to read.



Type in the word puppy mill or puppymill in your browser if you really want to
get the big picture. It will turn your stomach unless you are heartless like
the people that own these dogs.

Yes, all you puppymillers out there, and there are a lot of you, I hate you
and am out to get even with you for what you do to all my friends!!!! Let it be
known: The public is getting the picture for once and for all!!! You bastards!
Excuse my french, but I tell it like it is.

And people wonder why I make such a big stink about where my puppies end up
like it is none of my business or something. It is ALL of my business the
main focus of my life unfortunately. Even one of them ending up like this
would land me in jail for sure, because if I found out, there would be trouble!

Just think: The USDA, all American local law and code enforcement, The AKC,
and those who continue to buy from pet shops, all APPROVE of this treatment.
All the authorities care about is that they have shelter, food and water which
they do. All the pet store shoppers care about is convience and taking home a cute
puppy, which they do. APPROVED!

These pictures were all taken with a cell phone camera at a puppymill.
When I work in my kennels each day and see my babies all excited and
so happy to see me, it makes me feel even more sorry for all the prisioners
of greed out there. I wish I could close down the concentration camps, but
for now, all I can do is cry, pray, and keep loving the ones I have that will
Never suffer like the others who live in this hell every day of their miserable lives.
If you research puppymills, you will see way worse conditions than this. this is
actually kind of nice if you can believe that, from what you will see if you research.

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