The Dogs Behind Ainsley and Travis's Litter
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Ainsley and Travis's relatives (Note: If you happen to see mistakes like only 1 grandfather and 3 great grandfathers, it is because I am human and this is an html website. I do my best to post everyone accuratly, but do make mistakes from time to time. If you notice any mistakes, please tell me about it so I can correct it.)
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Ainsley the mother

Ainsley again

The sweet little Ainsley one more time

Snowy the grandmother

Precious, the great grandmother

Precious right, with her daughter Tweenie. Tweenie has the same father and mother as Travis, the father of this litter. Notice how these two look alike. Look at those noses. This pic is so darling.

Travis, the 3.5 pound father

Raven, the great grandmother


Puffin the great, great grandmother


Puffy the great, great, great grandmother

Travis the lovely father with Puffin the great, great, grandmother

Lovely Piper is Ainsley's aunt

Drita shares the same parents as Travis (Simon and Precious)

Little miss perfect: Drita again

Cookie is Travis's daughter, and the little thing is hidden on the right

Capone is Travis's nephew. Here he is at 7 months old weighing in at 2.5 pounds. I am keeping him, and I cannot wait to see how darling he will be full grown!

Bennie is Snowy, the grandmother, and Travis's little boy

The sweet little Bennie again

Rose is Travis's neice and Capone's sister

Simon, the 3 pound great grandfather

Cupcake is Travis's daughter, and she is as sweet as she looks

Cupcake again

The adorable Ty is Travis's son

The adorable great grandfather Simon, hanging out with his friends

Simon's mom, Tina

Bouncer, the great, great, great, great grandfather

Travis, the father with his friend Barbie


Phyche, the great, great grandfather

Snowy, the grandmother, with two of her boys from Gotti (a different father than this litter)

Snowy, the grandmother again

Sky, the great, great, great, great grandmother

Judy, the great, great, great, great grandmother


This little doll, Dixie, is from Travis (the father) and Gina

Another child from the father Travis


This baby is from the great grandfather, Simon

Zest is Travis's stunning daughter

Maximas is Raven and Gambino's lovely daughter.She is also Snowy' littermate

Maximas again with her cute little birthday dress. She was 1 year old that day.

Gambino, the great grandfather He is FAR back on both sides of Snowy's pedigree. It is called a beautiful line breeding.


Teddy is Raven and Gambino's cute little boy.

Yum Yum, the great, great grandfather


This is Luna, Gambino and Raven's spoiled little girl.

Phyche, the great, great, great grandfather

Cute little KC is Raven and Gambino's sweet little girl. She was 10 weeks old when this picture was taken.

Midori is Gambino's stunning and really tiny daughter 


Punkie, the great, great, grandmother

Punk, the great, great, great grandmother

Chad, the great, great, great, great,grandfather

Vito, The great, great grandmother's half brother

Moses, Vito's brother from the same litter 

Snickers, the great, great, great grandfather

Capone, the great, great grandfather

Vito, the great, great, great, great grandfather is alos FAR back on both sides of Snowy's pedigree because Vito is Gambino's father.>


Snickers, the great great great great grandfather

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

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Millie is Snicker's daughter

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