(Click here to see a video of Tucker and Zest, the parents;

   (Click here to see a video of Jeanine, Tucker's absolutly adorable daughter)


   (Click here to see a video of Jeanine, Tucker's absolutly adorable daughter)
Zest and Tucker's relatives
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Tucker the father

The lovely daddy Tucker, again

Drita (Zest's aunt) and Tucker's tinnie tiny son Capone from a previous litter

The darling Capone again

Meet Rose, Drita and Tucker's daughter from a past litter.

Rose about a year later looks even cuter

And look at what another year did to her stunning looks!!!

Sometimes pretty little Tucker likes to get dressed up in his favorite color and go on walks.

 Zest's aunt Drita relaxing on the couch

Otis (left) is Drita and Tucker's lovely son.

Otis (left) is Drita and Tucker's lovely son.

Drita, the aunt

Another look at little Drita

The lovely Drita again

I had to show of Drita's beautiful profile with one more pic


The grandfather, Travis

3.5 poundTravis going on a walk

What a cute little man 

Simon, the grandfather 

Tiny, the great grandmother

Travis, the father next to a regular sized chihuahua to show his size

Frankie is Drita and Tucker's son from a past litter and is stunning.

Super tiny little Frankie one more time.

Frankie's mom sent me this pic of Frankie at exactly one year old and 2.5 pounds

Frankie's mom keeps sending me these pics, and I keep stealing them!

Pearl has sand on her nose because she loves her sandbox. Her mom says she is her favorite chihuahua of all time. No wonder I love this line so much. I hear comments like this often when I sell Tucker/Zest puppies.

Romy is Pearl's sister and yes, her family is also smitten with her.

Romy again. How can I resist when her mom sends me pics like this.

Phyche, the great grandfather

Judy, the great great great grandmother

Vito, the great great grandfather

Petey is Tiny and Vito's lovely son

Sky, the great great grandmother;

Bouncer, the great grandfather


Butch, the great great grandfather

Bo, The the great great great grandfather

Sonja, Bo's daughter;

Snickers, the great great great great grandfather

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

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(Click here to see MANY other offspring from this line.)

Millie is Snicker's daughter


Splash the grandmother

Splash again

Gino is Travis's son. Travis is the grandfather of this litter.

Zest, the mother

Zest, the darling mother again

The two adorable babies in the middle are Splash and Simon. They are both grandparents of this litter.

The lovely Simon again

Simon and Splash waiting to watch football

Marbles shares the same parents as this litter and loves the camera

And the camera loves Marbles

I just love this little girl

Kalani shares the same parents as  Marbles. This line is obviously stunning.

The lovely Kalani again

Teddi is Tucker and Zest's daughter from their first litter, and what a doll! I can't wait to see how she looks when she is full grown!

Teddi again dreaming

Teddi with her daddy who absolutly adores her. How cute is this pic!

Here she is a few months later, and prettier than EVER!

Ausie, the great grandmother

Capone The First, the great grandfather

Zazu is Splash's half sister. They share the same mother, Ausie. Zazu's father is Vito, not Capone.

Zest, the mother again

This is the beautiful Roxy, the  grandmother's daughter.

Roxy again with her 2.8 pound half sister Stella

Chad, the great grandfather

Marie, the great great grandmother

The little guy on the floor is not a statue. That's Gino, Travis's little son. Travis is the great grandfather of these puppies.

Logan, the great grandfather

Inky, the great, great grandmother

Morgan, the great, great, great, great grandmother


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