Zest and Tucker's relatives
Zest is a merle that comes from generations with no health problems.
Her merle lines are clean, and Tucker has zero merle in his lines.
This is a perfect recipe for super healthy stunning merle puppies.
Tucker's relatives are not on this page because I did not breed him. I bought him from a show breeder after an extensive search for a perfect outside line.
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Splash the grandmother

Splash again

Tucker the magnificent father

Gino is Travis's son. Travis is the grandfather of this litter.

Rose is Tucker's daughter from a different mother. She is so tiny and sweet.

Capone The Second is Rose's litter mate. He is so darling and looks just like a baby monkey.

Tucker again


Zest, the mother

Zest, the darling mother again />

The two adorable babies in the middle are Splash and Simon. They are both grandparents of this litter.

The lovely Simon again

Simon and Splash waiting to watch football


Ausie, the great grandmother

Capone the first, the great grandfather

Zazu is Splash's half sister. They share the same mother, Ausie. Zazu's father is Vito, not Capone.

Zest, the mother again

This is the beautiful Roxy, the grandmother's daughter.

Roxy again with her 2.8 pound half sister Stella

Chad, the grandfather

Marie, the great grandmother


The little guy on the floor is not a statue. That's Gino, Travis's little son. Travis is the grandfather of these puppies.

Logan, the great grandfather

Inky, the great great grandmother

Morgan, the great, great, great, great grandmother

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