The Dogs Behind Snowy and Navarro's Litter
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  (Click here to see a video of Navarro, the father) 
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Snowy,the mom

Raven, the grandmother


Puffin the great grandmother


Puffy the great, great grandmother

Navarro, the luscious father 


Navarro, the father again;

Navarro, the overly sweet father one more time 



Snowy the very thick coated and lovely mom

Snowy, the mom again

Noodles is Snowy's absolutly luscious son

Noodles again showing off his thick coat along with his beautiful friend Angel.  Angel's mother is Raven, Snowy's mom.

Navarro, the dad looking stunning as ever

Navarro the father, one more time

Ainsley is the sweetest and most adorable dog in the world and her mom is Snowy.

Baby Ainsley again

And one more time

Sweet little Gambino is the grandfather of this litter


Gambino, the stunning grandfather one more time

Capone, the great, great grandfather

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Millie has the same parents are the grandmother Punkie, but is from a different litter.

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