(Click here to see a video of Poopsie and Travis.) 
 (Click here to see a video of Crystal, Poopsie's half sister and Travis.) 
 (Click here to see a video of Simon, Travis's dad and Poopsie.) 
 (Click here to see a video of Travis and Poopsie.) 

   (Click here to see a video of Simon the grandfather )

   (Click here to see a video of Poopsie going on a walk)
Poopsie and Travis's relatives (Note: If you happen to see mistakes like only 1 grandfather and 3 great grandfathers, it is because I am human and this is an html website. I do my best to post everyone accuratly, but do make mistakes from time to time. If you notice any mistakes, please tell me about it so I can correct it.)
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Travis the father

Travis, the father with one of his friends, Puffin

Poopsie, the mommy

A closer look at little Poopsie

Here Poopsie is standing

This is Navaeh at 6 months old. Her new mom sent me this lovely pic. She is so precious and looks just like both her her parents. I see Travis and Poopsie in her so clearly.

The daddy, Travis is way too cute and so tiny

Travis with another woman who happens to be Poopsie's half sister

Travis again

Travis going on a walk

What a cute little man

Meet Winston, Poopsie and Travis's son from another litter.

Winston is not only spoiled, he is also the defination of perfection!

Winston's new mom sent me 3 pictures of the lovely man, and I could not make up my mind which one to post; so here is the third Winston pic. Love this guy.
Travis with another woman one more time

Poopsie the mother

Simon, the grandfather 

Tiny, the great grandmother

Travis, the father next to a regular sized chihuahua to show his size

Travis again. He is just too cute

Poopsie the little mommy acting really cute

The same pic of Poopsie, but farther away to show her size


Phyche, the great grandfather

Kia, the great grandmother

Kita, the great great grandmother

Judy, the great great great grandmother

Vito, the great great grandfather

Sky, the great great grandmother;

Poopsie the mother again

Key Keys the grandmother


Gambino, the grandfather

Bouncer, the great grandfather


Butch, the great great grandfather

Judy, the great great grandmother

Bo, The the great great great grandfather

Sonja, Bo's daughter;

Snickers, the great great great great grandfather

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

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Millie is Snicker's daughter

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