Olivia and Tucker's Relatives
I did not breed Tucker, but I do have a few of his puppies posted 

  (Click here to see a video of Olivia (the mother) and Gotti, her other boyfriend.) 
 (Click here to see a video of Tucker, the father.) 
I rotate my dogs inside and outside, and they are never outside in extreem cold.
In Florida, it does not get that cold, but if it does, all dogs come inside.
They also come inside if the weather is bad period.
When people visit, they see the outside first, then they come inside to meet everyone else and the puppies.
My dogs and puppies are parasite free and all have clean teeth. There are no unaddressed medical issues here.
No one is ever confined in a small space either except for mommas with their babies.
I am not spotless, but am always cleaning and my dogs are never dirty. 

Tucker the lovely father

My sweet boy Tucker again

Olivia, the adorable mom

Olivia loves to go on walks

Olivia again

Meet Rose, Tucker's daughter from another mother

Rose again. This pic was taken when she was older than the above pic

Capone is Rose's little brother

Puffy the grandmother.

To the left is Wolfie, Olivia's son from a different father

Wolfie and Epiphany. Epiphany is not related to this litter, but I did breed her. She is from Gina and Simon.

Gambino the grandfather

Gambino the grandfather again

One more pic of the lovely Gambino

Harley is Gotti(different father) and Olivia's 3.1 pound daughter from Olivia's first litter with Gotti.

3.1 pound Harley is not only tiny, she is also perfect!

Puffy,the grandmother again

Bouncer the 3 pound great grandfather

This is a 5 month old boy from Olivia and a different father.

The stunning little 5 month old boy again

Chad, the great grandfather

Wolfie is Olivia's lucky baby boy from a different father

Wolfie at his new home with his adorable sister Gia!

Obie and Oliver are Oliva's son's from a different father.

The stunning father Tucker, again