Olivia and Gotti's Relatives 

  (Click here to see a video of Olivia and Gotti.) 
I rotate my dogs inside and outside, and they are never outside in extreem cold.
In Florida, it does not get that cold, but if it does, all dogs come inside.
They also come inside if the weather is bad period.
When people visit, they see the outside first, then they come inside to meet everyone else and the puppies.
My dogs and puppies are parasite free and all have clean teeth. There are no unaddressed medical issues here.
No one is ever confined in a small space either except for mommas with their babies.
I am not spotless, but am always cleaning and my dogs are never dirty.


Olivia and Gotti the parents

Mom and dad together again


Olivia, the sweet mom

Olivia again

Puffy the grandmother.

Puffy,the grandmother again

This is a 5 month old boy from Olivia and Gotti's past litter.

The stunning little 5 month old boy again

Chad, the grandfather

Gotti loves the camera so much;I just had to post another pic of the little doll

Gotti, the dad one more time. Since I bought him in 2017, I do not have pictures of his relatives. All my other dogs were bred by me, and I have more pictures to share from them.