To be put on my waiting list, a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required.  (The deposit is deducted from the final purchase price). People on my list will have 1st pick until the puppy they want is finally born. It might take a while for your puppy to be born depending on how picky you are, and how many people are ahead of you you looking for that type of puppy.
If you don't want to commit,  I just ask people to subscribe to me on youtube
Just click on one of my videos and click like for the suscribe button to pop up (Be sure to hit the notifications option)
When I post a newborn video, it will say so in the subject line, and you will get an email
If you want to be notified prior to my videos going public about available puppies, you have to have a puppy reserved with a deposit
For those of you that wait until my puppies are born:
I will post each puppy the day they are born
I post them and contact everyone that is on my list
As they mature, I will update my website each week and continue to take deposits
Once they are 4 to 6 weeks old, I will contact the first person on my list to see if that person wants one of the puppies or wants to wait
Then, I will contact the next person and keep going down the list
After everyone on my list chooses or decides to wait, I will offer them to the public
I always have the right to have first pick; since this is a breeding program
I do not guarantee size, but do post each puppy (unlike most breeders) on day one to prove I am not lying about their age
I use an ounce scale and the chihuahua weight chart to equate size as accuratly as I can
I breed year round
The prices for my males are $4,000 and up and average around $5,000.
The prices for my females are $5,000 and up and average around $6500.

The smaller ones (3.5 pounds and under) are considerably more than the bigger ones regardless of sex.

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My spayed/neutered, 6 year old, retired adults START at $1,000 and include a fresh dental, blood work, and a vet issued health certificate that includes a fecal, heart check, knee check, and heartworm test.