(Click here to see a video of Kimberly the mother) 
 (Click here to see a video of Gotti (the father) and his friend Snowy) 
 (Click here to see a video of Stelda, the grandmother) 
 (Click here to see a video of Gotti and his close friend Celeste) 
Kimberley and Gotti's relatives NOTE: I did not breed Gotti or Kimberly; so I don't have pictures of their parents. I am however, lucky enough to have Kimberly's lovely mother here: Stelda.
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Gotti the father

Gotti again

Stelda, the grandmother

Chica Bella is Gotti and Choc-O-Lite's daughter.

Chica Bella again. What a total doll baby! I may not have Gotti's parent's pictures, but I sure do have some of his babies from other mothers.

Harley is Gotti and Olivia's (not Poopsie's) 3.1 pound daughter. Olivia is not the mother of this litter, but Gotti is the father.

3.1 pound Harley is not only tiny, she is also perfect!

I had to put 3 more pictures of the little doll Harley on here. Oh My!!


Harley is Gotti's little daughter

Harley again. WAY TOO CUTE!!

Stelda is stunning and sweet as she can be

Perfect Miss Stelda once more.

Kimberley the darling mother

The lovely Kimberley once more

Chica Bella is Gotti's daughter from another mother. She was celebrating her second birthday when this lovely pic was taken.

Gotti and Stelda's son. This darling boy came from the same father as this litter bred to the mother's mother.

Gotti is so pretty. I just could not decide which pics of him to choose.

The lovely Gotti one more time

Gotti is just as cute as he is beautiful

Did I mention that Gotti is super sweet?

To the left is Wolfie, Olivia (different mother) and Gotti's son. He is the half brother of this litter. Look at those dreamy eyes!

Meet Chase, Gotti's son from a different mother

The show stopping little Chase again

Meet Angel,Gotti's daughter at 14 weeks old. She is the half sister to this litter.


The sweet faced little Angel one more time

OK, I had to post another picture of Angel. She is now full-grown and weighs slightly over 2 pounds.


Ainsley is Angel's sister and Gotti's daughter from a different mother.

The adorable Ainsley again

Ainsley one more time

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