(Click here to see a video of Gina, the grandmother.) 
(Click here to see a video of Simon, the grandfather )
 (Click here to see a video Travis the father) 
 (Click here to see a video of Tucker, the lovely grandfather) 

(Click here to see a video of Jeanine, the mother) 

(Click here to see a video of Jeanine again) 

 (Click here to see a video of Alexis the aunt) 
 (Click here to see a video of Cupcake, Travis's daughter) 
Jeanine and Travis's relatives (Note: If you happen to see mistakes like only 1 grandfather and 3 great grandfathers, it is because I am human and this is an html website. I do my best to post everyone accuratly, but do make mistakes from time to time because of the way I cut and paste.
If you notice any mistakes, please tell me about it so I can correct it.)
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Gina the grandmother and Travis the father

Travis the father

Travis, the father with one of his friends, Puffin

Alexis, the darling aunt

Travis with Crystal who is related to the mom Jeanine

Crystal and Gina share the same father, Bouncer pictured below

Marley is from Travis and Alexis and is to die for!

And did I mention that Marley loves this country!

Marley is very serious about her bonies!!

Tucker, the grandfather

The lovely Tucker again

Tucker one more time

Bouncer, the t cup great grandfather

Jeanine the beautiful mommy

The stunning Jeanine once more.

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Otis (left) Tucker's lovely son from a different mother.

Cupcake is my little girl from Travis, the father

Little 4.0 pound Cupcake again

My sweet little Cupcake one more time

Misty is Gina and Simon's really tiny and really darling daughter

Epiphany is Alexis's 2.5 pound, darling, half sister

Misty in her jammies

Dixie (Gina and Travis's daughter) on her way to Christmas dinner. What a doll.

Gina's daughter Stella is on the left. She weighs under 3 pounds. Travis is Simon's son which makes this breeding 3/4 the same as Stella's.


Simon, the t cup grandfather

Gina the grandmother

Gina the grandmother again. She hates to take pics. You can see her normal looking eyes in the videos.

Another Gina pic

Pretty little Gina one more time

Travis and Gina's little girl who is closly related to this litter

The little doll one more time

Capone is my adorable, little, 2.5 pound, monkey man from Tucker

Capone is the cutest chihuahua I have ever seen

Of course, I had to post one more Capone pic

Marbles is my little girl from Tucker. Yes, I have a few of his lovely daughters here.

Marbles again

Of course, one more Marbles pic

Marbles's littermate Teddi

Romeo shares the same parents as Marbles and Teddi only he is younger

Rose is another example of a puppy from Tucker

The lovely little Rose after she had a few months to grow

The cute little daddy Travis again going on his walk

The lovely Lola is Travis's daughter from a different mother

Sophia, the great grandmother

Travis is the father of Cookie on the right and Simon is the father of Twiggy on the left

This is Winston. His father is Travis, and his mother is Poopsie.

Kahula is driving her friend Midori, also bred by me, and is Sophia (the grandmother's) daughter

Louie is Travis's darling son

Louie again

Louie is tiny like his father Travis. Notice him to the right compared to his new friends

Tiny, the great grandmother


Phyche, the great grandfather

Glow Worm, the great great grandmother

Monet, a dog I bred when I bred Glow Worm above to Snickers, towards bottom of the page.

Fluffy, the great great grandfather

Judy, the great great great grandmother

Vito, the great great grandfather

Sky, the great great grandmother;

Snickers, the great great great great grandfather

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

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Millie is Snicker's daughter

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