Giselle's (the mom) relatives are posted below
The father's lines are pictured towards the bottom of this page


                                                           (Click here to see a video of  Giselle, the mother) 

  (Click here to see a video of Tipsey and Gambino, the grandparents) 
(Click here to see a video of Tipsey's mom Puffin. ) 
 (Click here to see a video of Gambino's father, 2.7 lb Bouncer.) 
I rotate my dogs inside and outside, and they are never outside in extreem cold.
In Florida, it does not get that cold, but if it does, all dogs come inside.
They also come inside if the weather is bad period.
When people visit, they see the outside first, then they come inside to meet everyone else and the puppies.
My dogs and puppies are parasite free and all have clean teeth. There are no unaddressed medical issues here.
No one is ever confined in a small space either except for mommas with their babies.
I am not spotless, but am always cleaning and my dogs are never dirty.                      .
                               AKC registered relatives that either live here or are retired that contributed to the genetics behind Puffin and Gambino's puppy.

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Tipsey, the grandmother

3.3 pound E-VA is Gotti's daughter from another mother

Yum Yum the great grandfather

Puffins, the great grandmother


This is Snowy, Gambino and Raven's daughter. Raven is from the same litter as Tipsey. This puppy is very closly related to this current litter. Snowy was only 8 months old in this pic. They do not get a full coat until they are a few months older.


Snowy again in the back. Gotti is in the front and is the father of this litter

This is Luna, Gambino and Raven's spoiled little girl. Raven is Tipsey's sister from the same litter.

Annie is Tipsy and Gambino's beautiful little girl from a past litter

Chica Bella is Gotti's daughter from another mother. She was celebrating her second birthday when this lovely pic was taken.

Stella at a year old, Gambino and Tipsy's lovely daughter. She shares the same genes at this litter.

Jodie is Gambino and Tipsey's daughter. It looks like her coat will end up being just as thick as her beautiful dad's, and she has her mom's eyes.

Puffins, the great grandmother again

Bouncer the great grandfather


Gazelle the sweet mom

I am a huge supporter of our beautiful flag, and really love this pic of Miss Delilah (Tipsy and Gambino's lovely daughter from a past litter)
years ago.

Miss Delilah again. She lives 2 blocks away from Miami Beach. What a life!

Gambino and Ambie's daughter Midori She shares the same father, not mother as this litter.

Gambino, the grandfather is absolutly stunning

Tipsey, the grandmother again next to 2.7 pound Simon, her uncle.



Puffy, the great, great  grandmother Gambino, the grandfather  

Chad, the great, great, great grandfather

The great grandmother Punk

Vito, the great, great grandfather

Gambino, the grandfather again

Grandma and grandpa together

Tipsey, the grandmother again

Tipsey, the grandmother again with her mom, Puffin, and Gambino, the grandfather, in the background

Moses, Vito's brother from the same litter 


Snickers, the great, great, great grandfather

Capone, the great, great grandfather

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

Millie has the same parents are the grandmother Punkie, but is from a different litter.

Great, great, great, grandfather Twist

Great grandmother Judy

Punkie, the great grandmother
Gotti (the father) and his offspring are posted below

                                                           (Click here to see a video of Gotti, the father) 


Gotti, the STUNNING father

The overly adorable Gotti again

Gotti one more time.


Gotti's stunning son from a different mother

Gotti's son from a different mother

Here is that perfect little boy one more time

Gotti's lovely little girl from another mother

Harley is a little girl from Gotti and a different mother


The lovely Harley one more time

Harley is already on this page, but I just could not help myself. I had to put 3 more pictures of the little doll on here. Oh My!!


Harley is Gotti's little daughter

Harley again. WAY TOO CUTE!!

Angel Gotti's daughter when she was a puppy

The precious little Angel again

Chica Bella is pure perfection and super tiny. She is also pictured below.

Chica Bella again and she is Gotti's daughter