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Gina and Gambino's relatives 
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Gina the mother

Gina the mother again. She hates to take pics. You can see her personality in the video. She is not shy at all.


Bouncer, the t cup grandfather

Gambino the lovely father

Sophia, the grandmother

Tiny, the grandmother

 2.8 pound Stella on the left. Stella is from Gina and Simon. What a doll. Her new mom says she reminds her of a gerbil. So cute.
Simon is not the sire of this litter, but Gina is.


Glow Worm, the great grandmother

Monet, a dog I bred when I bred Glow Worm above to Snickers, towards bottom of the page.

Fluffy, the great grandfather

Judy, the great great grandmother

Vito, the grandmother's brother


Snickers, the  great great grandfather

Punky, the great grandmother back 10 years or so, when I used to allow my dogs to get fat. No More!

Punk, the great great grandmother

Chad, the gread grandfather
Sorry some of the pics are so horrible. Cameras were not that great back then

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

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Millie is Snicker's daughter

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