Cupcake and Tucker's relatives (Note: If you happen to see mistakes like only 1 grandfather and 3 great grandfathers, it is because I am human and this is an html website. I do my best to post everyone accuratly, but do make mistakes from time to time. If you notice any mistakes, please tell me about it so I can correct it.)
I did not breed Tucker; so I do not have his relatives on this page, just his stunning self 
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                                                     (Click here to see a video of Cupcake, the mother) 

(Click here to see a video of Tucker, the father.)
                                                     (Click here to see a video of Barbie, the grandmother)
I rotate my dogs inside and outside, and they are never outside in extreem weather.
In Florida, it does not get that cold, but if it does, all dogs come inside.
They also come inside if the weather is bad period.
When people visit, they see the outside first, then they come inside to meet everyone else and the puppies.
My dogs and puppies are parasite free and all have clean teeth. There are no unaddressed medical issues here.
No one is ever confined in a small space either except for mommas with their babies.
I am not spotless, but am always cleaning and my dogs are never dirty.

Barbie the grandmother


Barbie the grandmother again (I shave all my females chests and rear ends each time they have puppies. If I did not, the hair would get in the way
delivering puppies and nursing. Because they have puppies at least once a year, their fur never gets a chance to fully grow back. It takes away from their beauty,
but when you are this stunning, it does not matter.

Tucker, the father

Simon, the great grandfather
He is the black one

Tucker, the father one more time

Tucker, the father again. He loves the camara, and the camara loves him

The mom Cupcake, my tinest female

Cupcake again

Cupcake one more time

Simon and Barbie (Cupcake' mom is Barbie, and her grandfather is Simon) make pretty baby girls as well. Look at this beauty.

Another STUNNING pic of this teacup girl. Good luck if you are trying to find this elsewhere.

Tucker's tinnie tiny son Capone

The darling Capone again

Tiny, the great grandmother

Travis, the grandfather with his friend Puffins

Travis, the 3.5 pound grandfather agian

Barbie and Simon's son. I should have kept this special boy, but he has a great home which makes me very happy.

2.7 pound Bouncer, the great grandfather

Meet Mika, Barbie and Simon's daughter from another litter. She was only 8 months old when her new mom sent me this lovely pic. All long coats shed their coats at this age, and grow them back around a year to 14 months old. I cannot wait to see her when her hair comes in. Look at how perfect her conformation is, just like her parents.


Jada, the great grandmother

Psyche, the great grandfather

Above The Law (Lawson), the great great grandfather

Sky, the great great grandmother

Vito, the great great grandfather

Moses, Vito's brother from the same litter 

Inky, the great great great grandmother

Simon and Barbie's lovely daughter, Zoie.

Snickers, the great great great grandfather

Chloe, the great great great grandmother

Tootsie, the great great great great grandmother. Yes, my lines go way back.

Hi Tech, the great grandfather

Morgan, the great, great, great, great great grandmother

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

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Snicker daughter, Millie


Millie again, now at age 15, and still looking as beautiful as ever


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