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Available  Chihuahua Puppies Click Here

Raven will be 6 years old in July. She is AKC registered and will be available around that time.  I will spend about $600 at the vet getting her ready for her new home. Her adoption price is $600. She is a really sweet little girl once you get to know her.  She will be spayed and will have her teeth cleaned at the same time. She will also have her bloodwork done and will get a health certificate from my vet. She gets along very well with other dogs.
UPDATE: Raven is no longer available, but I do have a couple more female
chihuahuas that will be retiring around the same time as Raven

 (Click here to see a video of Raven with other dogs )
 (Click here to see another video of Raven )
 (Click here to see a video of Raven relaxing.) 

Just in case you are wondering how in the world can a person breed a dog for 6 or 7 years and then sell them to another owner.  My answer to you is as follows: I think it is better for everyone that way. The new owner gets a great little doggy friend. The dog gets more attention, and I have more love for the ones that are still here. I have been breeding for over 25 years. If I did not retire most of my older dogs, I would have too many dogs here and would not be able to properly care for them all. I would much rather find a home like I found for Lola pictured above (left front). This is the type of home I am looking for for all my puppies and especially my very loved adults. For all of you that are fortunate to have one of my retirees, I thank you from the bottom of my very large heart for continuing to love and care for them. them. (Puppy mills are everywhere. Click here to learn how to spot one.)

Two of my retirees, one of my puppies, and one of my rescues all enjoying the couch potato life, and I LOVE it!!