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Baby Bands was born on 5/8/19 and is AKC registered. I am retiring her early because she is too big for my breeding program. She weighs about 9 pounds and I cannot trust her with my smaller females. She loves my males or the one female I used to have that was close to her size, but will bully my tiny unspayed females. She also does not allow my dogs to breed to her without my assistance and has only had two litters in three years. Baby Bands is the sweetest dog ever when it comes to me and to her male friends (unless they are trying to breed to her). Once she is spayed, she should get along with any sweet dog that is her size or a slightly smaller male.
 What a snuggle bunny. This little dog is one of my all time favorite dogs. She is very special. She will be spayed on the 16th of June and ready to go 10 days later when her stitches are removed. Her price is $1,200 which includes a fresh dental on the 16th, blood work, heartworm test, and a health certificate from my vet.  She also has health insurance from Fetch insurance. This insurance is very comprehensive and is prepaid until 12/27/23. Everyone knows how expensive vet bills and insurance are. The price I am asking for a 3 year old dandy dog like this actually just about covers the bills. Please do not ask me to lower the price; for it will not even be considered. I do not care how "good of a home" you can privide. If you cannot afford $1,200 for her, you cannot afford to take care of her and I need to find her a better home. Straight up!
Baby Bands is going to make someone very happy. She LOVES to go on long walks. She gets more excited about walks than any of my other dogs or any dog I ever had for that matter. Because of this, she needs to go to someone that likes to take their dogs on a walk. She goes potty where she is supposed to on pee pee pads. It does not get any better than Baby Bands. She has many nick names and I can  explain in detail, her name choice if you ask me to. 352-427-7662
UPDATE: Baby Bands is now spayed, more mellow, and ready to go NOW

Baby Bands doing what she loves to do even more than giving me kisses: Going on her walkie walk.
 (Click here to see a video of Baby Bands.)  
Gazelle was born on 6/19/19 and is AKC registered. She is a blue and white long coat. She had two litters and will be spayed as soon as I wean her current litter. She weighs about 6.5 or 7 pounds and has puppies that weigh under 2 ounces at birth. She did this the first litter and just did it again. I cannot handle the stress of trying to keep puppies like this alive. For two weeks or so, I have to keep them seperate from their large mom to insure she does not crush them. This is the reason why she is being spayed. She will also get her teeth cleaned, get bloodwork done, get a vet issued health certificate, and get a heartworm test. Her health insurance from Fetch renews on 6/29/22 and will be prepaid until 6/29/23.  Her price is $1,400 and is non negotible. She is super sweet and gets along well with dogs her size.  She will be ready to go in early September. 352-427-7662

Gazelle relaxing

If someone has an older dog that needs a home, I will be happy to help them place the dog
If I happen to get a rescue, I will post him or her as well
Just in case you are wondering how in the world can a person breed a dog for 6 or 7 years and then sell them to another owner.  My answer to you is as follows: I think it is better for everyone that way. The new owner gets a great little doggy friend. The dog gets more attention, and I have more love for the ones that are still here. I have been breeding for over 25 years. If I did not retire most of my older dogs, I would have too many dogs here and would not be able to properly care for them all. I would much rather find a home like I found for Lola pictured above (left front). This is the type of home I am looking for for all my puppies and especially my very loved adults. For all of you that are fortunate to have one of my retirees, I thank you from the bottom of my very large heart for continuing to love and care for them. them. (Puppy mills are everywhere. Click here to learn how to spot one.)

Two of my retirees, one of my puppies, and one of my rescues all enjoying the couch potato life, and I LOVE it!!

A few more of my retirees. It doesn't get any better than this. Notice the steps. How adorable!

Unfortunatly, not all breeding dogs have such a nice life. Most actually suffer like this dog. The main reason is because people contribute to puppy mills. They are told that puppies from pet shops come from "individual, small, local breeders" and they dig no further than their credit card. The fact is that puppy mills sell their puppies to someone, and the people that buy are NOT visiting their facility. Do not allow yourself to be lied to! Do not be the CAUSE of this abuse! DEMAND to see the living conditions of the puppy you buy. If the breeder tells you they don't allow visitors for whatever reason, know in your heart what the real reason is. Please do not contribute to the abuse of desperate little dogs just like this one!

 (Click here to see a video of the inside and outside living conditions of Uey's Chihuahuas in detail)