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Ambie and Gambino's relatives (Note: If you happen to see mistakes like only 1 grandfather and 3 great grandfathers, it is because I am human and this is an html website. I do my best to post everyone accuratly, but do make mistakes from time to time. If you notice any mistakes, please tell me about it so I can correct it.)
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Ambie the mother


Ambie the mother again

Gambino, the father

Gambino, the father again

Midori, is Gambino and Ambie's daughter. She was born in 2014. I would have never sold this doll except for the fact that she weighs under 3 pounds and would not grow anymore.

Here she is all grown up at 2.5 pounds hiding in the middle of them pile. Her new parents changed her name to Midori.

Midori again all grown up and still looking like a puppy.

Amber, the grandmother


Punkie, the grandmother

Punk, the great grandmother

Judy, the great grandmother

Chad, the great great grandfather

Vito, The grandmother's half brother

Moses, Vito's brother from the same litter 


Snickers, the great great grandfather

Capone, the grandfather

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

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Millie has the same parents are the grandmother Punkie, but is from a different litter.

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