AKC Registration Information

Uey's Homeraised Puppies

Summerfield Florida

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Located on 2.05 shady acres in Summerfield Florida
12 miles South of Ocala Florida
North of Orlando about 1.25 hours
North of Miami about 4 hours
North of Vero Beach about 2.5 hours
Next to The Villages
If you do not care about having a piece of paper that says your dog is AKC registered, just do not say anything about it to me and you will not have to deal with the scrutiny described below.
We will do all the other paperwork involved when you purchase a puppy and move on.
Let me make this clear: AKC registration is available for all my puppies.
All you have to do is let me know it is important to you and comply

 Anyone that knows about dog registration, knows that The AKC is the only registry that inspects kennels yearly and does not allow dogs from other registries to be brought into their program. The UKC and The CKC do not inspect breeders and they give papers with full breeding rights without much of a hassle, especially if the owner can provide a copy of the dog's pedigree. Because of this, I no longer provide AKC registration papers for my puppies. Most people do not even care about the registration papers anyhow. If it is a big deal to you, I can give you the papers, but you will have to send me a copy of your driver's license along with the name of someone I can contact at your vet's office. I will need you to call the vet's office and tell them you are releasing all medical information to Jeanne Eubanks.  And saying you do not have records with a vet will not work with me. I will call your vet and investigate your name and address. I will also need your CELL phone number, not your business or home phone number. I will investigate that number as well to make sure it is your number and that it is not associated with any breeder websites. In other words, I will do what I have to; in order to protect my babies from breeders. Considering the fact that most breeders do not treat their dogs properly and many abuse them, I feel like I am not asking for much. If you do not want to deal with this, you can just buy your puppy without the registration papers. You will get plenty of other paperwork; including a vet issued health certificate and a one year health guarantee. I also provide a copy of each parent's AKC papers. There are other options out there as well. I am not the only one that sells chihuahuas. And there are PLENTY of  UKC and CKC breeders out there for sure.
And let me make this perfectly clear: No one gets AKC breeding rights from Uey's. Please do not ask. We only give LIMITED AKC registration.