Ainsley and Capone are the parents of this litter. I composed this page
by combining Ainsley's parent's page with Capone's parent's page. As you read the pedigree, keep in mind that grandfathers are now great grandfathers etc. now.
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Drita and Tucker's relatives (Note: I did not breed Tucker. Therefore, I do not have pictures of his relatives just pictures of Drita's.)
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Tucker the father

The lovely daddy Tucker, again

Drita and Tucker's tinnie tiny son Capone from a previous litter

The darling Capone again

Kali (right) is Aisley and Capone's stunning daughter. The lovely Chia (left) is from Gotti and Chipita.

Louie is Capone and Cup Cakes absolutly breath taking son.
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Meet Rose, Drita and Tucker's daughter from a past litter.

Rose about a year later looks even cuter

And look at what another year did to her stunning looks!!!

Sometimes pretty little Tucker likes to get dressed up in his favorite color and go on walks.

Maya is Ainsley and Capone's breath taking daughter from their first litter

Maya's beautiful face again.

Maya taking a break from modeling after working up a thirst.

The mommy Drita relaxing on the couch

Otis (left) is Drita and Tucker's lovely son.

Otis again with another one of his friends :)

Precious right, with her daughter Tweenie. Tweenie has the same father and mother as Drita, the mother of this litter. Notice how these two look alike. Look at those noses. This pic is so darling.

Milton the Magnificent shares the same father, Capone, as this current litter. He is to die for and weighs under 3 pounds.

Beautiful Kali shares the same parents, Ainsley and Capone as this litter.

Drita, the mommy

Another look at little Drita

The lovely Drita again

I had to show of Drita's beautiful profile with one more pic


Drita's brother Travis, shares the same mother and father, Precious and Simon..

3.5 poundTravis going on a walk

What a cute little man 

Simon, the grandfather 

Tiny, the great grandmother

Travis, the father next to a regular sized chihuahua to show his size

Chanel is Ainsley's daughter from Travis. Travis is Capone's uncle. She is at the age here where they shed their coats. It will grow in nice and thick by the time she is 9 months old or so.

The adorable Chanel again

Frankie is Drita and Tucker's son from a past litter and is stunning.

Super tiny little Frankie one more time.

Frankie's mom sent me this pic of Frankie at exactly one year old and 2.5 pounds

Frankie's mom keeps sending me these pics, and I keep stealing them!

Phyche, the great grandfather

Judy, the great great great grandmother

Vito, the great great grandfather

Petey is Tiny and Vito's lovely son

Sky, the great great grandmother;

Bouncer, the great grandfather


Butch, the great great grandfather

Bo, The the great great great grandfather

Sonja, Bo's daughter;

Snickers, the great great great great grandfather

Maxx, Snicker's son

Snickers great aunt

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Millie is Snicker's daughter
 The Dogs Behind Snowy and Gotti's Litter
(I did not breed Gotti and bought him from a show breeder)
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Snowy and Gotti's relatives (Note: If you happen to see mistakes like only 1 grandfather and 3 great grandfathers, it is because I am human and this is an html website. I do my best to post everyone accuratly, but do make mistakes from time to time. If you notice any mistakes, please tell me about it so I can correct it.)
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Snowy and Gotti,the parents

Snowy,the mom

Beautiful Kuma is Gotti's son from a different mother

To the left is Wolfie, Olivia and Gotti's son. He is the half brother of this litter. Look at those dreamy eyes!

Raven, the grandmother


Puffin the great grandmother


Puffy the great great grandmother

Chica Bella is Gotti and Choc-O-Lite's daughter. Choc-O-Lite is not the mother of this litter, but Gotti is the father. He weighs about 5.5 pounds, but gives me really tiny puppies often.

Chica Bella again. What a total doll baby!

Harley is Gotti and Olivia's 3.1 pound daughter. Olivia is not the mother of this litter, but Gotti is the father.

3.1 pound Harley is not only tiny, she is also perfect!

Gotti, the father

Meet Chase, Gotti's son from a different mother


The show stopping little Chase again

Snowy with two of her boys from Gotti

Snowy, the mom again

This little 5 month old boy is Gotti's son

The stunning little 5 month old boy again

Meet Angel, Gotti's daughter from a different mother who is the half sister of the mother of this litter. That makes this 14 week old puppy shares 3/4 the same genes as this litter.


The sweet faced little Angel one more time

Sweet little Gambino is the grandfather of this litter


Gambino, the stunning grandfather one more time

This is a 5.5 month old puppy from Gotti and Olivia. Olivia shares the same father, Gambino, as the mother of this litter, and the father is the same. That means this puppy shares 3/4 the same genes as this litter.

Capone (my first Capone), the great, great grandfather

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Millie has the same parents are the grandmother Punkie, but is from a different litter.

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